Dog Care 101: How to Prepare Your Dog When Natural Disaster Strikes

Whether it is an earthquake, a flood, or a wildfire, a natural disaster can be scary and unexpected. So preparation is the key to dealing with the unforeseen. And why not? It’s about keeping your family and pets safe.

It is essential to enlighten yourself about evacuation tips in the event of a natural disaster because most people forget to evacuate their dogs. Studies show that the pets left behind in areas affected by natural disasters generally don’t survive. And the ones left behind generally don’t reunite with their families after the disaster.

If you haven’t thought about a dog-safety plan, here are some tips to keep your furry friend out of harm. Let’s get going with protecting your beloved dog…

Prepare Yourself for the Worst

It is wise to always be prepared. It is because you certainly don’t want to find yourself amidst an emergency and not have essential tools your dog may need for survival. Reading through valuable resources like, you will discover that the most common problem people make is leaving their pet behind during a natural disaster.

After all, you can’t leave a wagging tail at home, thinking they’ll be able to survive without food available. And the chances are excellent that they might get injured or not survive at all.

Keep Extra Food

Whenever shopping, make sure to buy supplies and food items for your dog for at least two weeks. Bring plenty of treats as these help to keep your pet calm and happy. Dog owners proclaim how treats work wonders in helping dogs stay calm in the event of stressful situations.

You can also invest in collapsible bowls, as these assist both you and your dog in eating and drinking. These are easy to transport and occupy much less space.

Grab Blankets and Comfort Toys

It is worth having unique toys and comfort essentials to relieve your dog’s boredom and reduce stress. Whether your dog has a favorite toy, bones, or a blanket, make sure your furry friend has these things with him at all times. After all, these will help him relax.

It can be utterly scary and traumatic for your dog to go through a natural disaster. Therefore some everyday items may bring your dog the peace he needs.

Invest in a Dog First-Aid Kit

You have a first-aid kit to cater to your human family’s medical emergencies, but do you have one for your dog as well?

While many people shake their heads with a “No,” it is necessary to remember that you might not have a vet to address your wounded friend’s injuries. Now that you’re wary about maybe not having one, it is worthwhile to have supplies for handling paw care. Don’t forget to include scissors, adhesive tapes, tweezers, gauze pads, and other such items in your kit.

You might also include a muzzle, treats, and toys so that your pet is engaged during his or her treatment.

Fast Forwards

Timely preparation can go a long way in protecting your family and dog during a natural disaster.

However, after being caught in a natural disaster, it is worth taking your family and pet to a safe location. After that, be sure to assess your dog for injuries and watch closely for signs of pain. Dogs can also suffer from trauma that have lasting effects from scary experiences.

Therefore, try to relax your dog. Consider some calming supplements, diffuser oils or noise machines to help your furry friend calm down and regain a sense of safety.

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