Eddy the Saluki

This is Eddy, the adorable and exotic-looking Saluki. He’s four and a half years old but, at times, I reckon he looks younger in the face, like a puppy! Eddy is happy by nature and approaches life’s challenges with great enthusiasm. He’s incredibly playful, gets excited quickly, and is a total savage with his toys. He will charge round the dining room table like a maniac, tossing and flipping his toys in the air.

Eddy sleeps in a very comfortable bed, much larger than what he needs for his size, as it was passed down to him from a big dog. Nevertheless, he still finds his way onto the floor. Often he is found with his head hanging off the edge of the bed. Well… he’s a dog.

Eddy’s face is often “cheeky,” as though he is looking for trouble. He’s a very friendly boy when he’s in human company, though when another dog comes near him he instantly becomes defensive and aggressive, a sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality. Submitted by Vanessa.

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