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Feeding Pets the Way Nature Intended

We here at DogPerDay really appreciate pet food companies that actually seem to care about the ingredients that they put into our best friends’ food.

One such company is Raw Paws Pet Food. They have been in business since 2014, but they have their roots in raw and healthy feeding for cats and dogs all the way back to 2007.

Raw Paws Pet Food, An American CompanyThey make it a priority to make species-appropriate diets for dogs and cats, which means a lot of raw and freeze-dried food, while shunning the kind of over processed food produced by mainstream pet food companies that care about the almighty dollar first.

Raw Paws’ mission is to make it practical, affordable, and accessible for you, as a pet parent, to provide your dog or cat with the healthiest pet food, treats, chews, supplements and more!

The best chance of having a happy pet is through the best quality nutrition. They only source from responsible and ethical farms so they can deliver the highest quality products made with the freshest ingredients! Their service promise is to make sure that you and your pets are truly satisfied. Come to our website to see more of our premium cat food brands and find the perfect option to keep your cat healthy and happy.

Raw Feeding and Partial Raw Feeding

If you’re looking for an easier, more affordable way to feed raw or partial raw, you have found the right place! Raw Paws has developed new “Easiest to Serve” items including their freeze-dried complete meals, portioned patties, and awesome grain-free kibble which is great for those pet parents who prefer to feed a partial raw diet. And remember, when it comes to the health of your pet, some raw feeding is better than none!

The goal is to ensure a successful and long-term raw or partial raw feeding schedule for both you and your pet. Whether you’re a seasoned expert, or new to raw feeding, visit this page here for more information about scheduling a 100% Free Custom Meal Plan with one of their in-house raw feeding specialists!

Benefits of Raw Feeding

This is one of the most important decisions you can make for your pet. When you feed raw, you’re imitating your pet’s natural, species-appropriate diet, which helps your pet achieve optimal health, vibrancy, and longevity.

Benefits of Feeding Raw FoodHere are some of the reasons to make the switch… First, here are the benefits for your pet…

Improved Teeth & Breath
Reduced Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia
Improved Immune System
Increased Mental Stimulation
Reduced Risk of Diabetes
Helps Maintain Ideal Weight
Reduced Allergies (Skin & Food)
Less Ear Wax Build Up
Increased Stamina
Chewing Enrichment
Bladder Control

And here are some benefits for you, the pet parent…

Longer, Healthier Pet Life
Reduced Chance of Disease
Fewer Visits to the Vet
Lower Dental Bills
Less Shedding
Healthier Stool, Less Odor
Lessen Bad Breath
Reduced Flatulence
Reduced Hyperactivity
Prevent Fleas & Ticks
Reduce or Eliminate Prescriptions

Your dog or cat can handle a much greater bacterial load than any human. To start, their saliva contains antibacterial properties that destroys harmful bacteria. And with a short digestive tract, food exits before bacteria has time to colonize. Lastly, the extremely acidic environment in the gut is a huge deterrent of bacteria colonization.

Partial Raw Feeding

When it comes to raw feeding, a partial diet is better than nothing at all. Raw Paws actually has a lot of customers who feed their pets an almost 100% kibble diet. They still want their dog or cat to receive the benefits of raw so they either substitute a few meals throughout the month or just give a little raw food as a special treat every now and then.

If you’re going to partial feed, a high-end dry dog food is recommended. This is because high-end dry dog food can still provide your pet with adequate nutrition. When food is cooked at high temperatures, most of the natural nutrients are depleted. With high-end kibble, those natural nutrients are then supplemented back into the food. Call (866) 368-3369 and a raw feeding specialist will be happy to talk with you about the various ways to partial feed your pet!

How to Transition from Kibble

It’s important to slowly, and properly transition your pet to a raw diet.

When starting the switch, feed your pet 75% old food and 25% new raw food. If your pet is really sensitive to the change, trying adding only 10% new raw food at first. Wait for your pet’s stool to normalize before increasing the ratio of raw food. It usually takes around three weeks for a pet’s body to adapt to a raw diet. That said, every pet is unique so the time it takes to fully transition may vary.

As you continue to feed raw, make sure to monitor your pet’s weight. Adjust their daily portions according to whether they need to gain, lose or maintain weight.

Your pet has been eating kibble all it’s life. Once switched to a natural, raw diet, your pet’s body will begin to cleanse itself. Stay patient. Raw feeding is a continual learning experience. The Raw Paws Customer Support Team is standing by to help you get started and answer your questions.

If you cannot afford raw food for you pet, then there are other traditional pet food options that are of better quality than the well-known, mainstream brands. One of our favorite brands here at DogPerday is Honest Kitchen. See a review of Honest Kitchen here at this link.

Raw Paws

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