Georgia the Terrier Mix

We rescued Georgia two years ago in, you guessed it, Georgia. She’s incredibly social, spirited, a little bit judgey, and a ton of fun. Her most charming qualities are her eyebrows and her always-wagging tail. She’s a devious little sock thief and cries if a stranger walks by her without stopping to say “Hi” when she’s on a walk. If she wants something from you, she will nudge you with her nose until you give in.

She’s game for anything. We take her on all kinds of adventures, most recently a trip to the beach which she loved! She’s the perfect pack-and-go kind of gal until she’s tired, then she gets cranky and needs a nap immediately. She naps like a champion and always comes out fully recharged. She’s the sweetest when she is first waking up, all cuddles and belly rubs. She’s a funny little girl that brings a lot of joy to our lives! Submitted by Alaina M.

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