Getting Back to Work: Helping Your Dog Adjust

Over the last year the majority of the country has been working from home. While this was a novelty at first, a lot of people are looking forward to getting back to the office and enjoying a sense of normality. Indeed, some businesses have started to make the transition and trying to get the workforce back to their desks.

But there is one member of your family who is not looking forward to you going back to work. We are talking about your dog! Your furry friend has probably loved having you home all day, which has led to more attention, playtime and exercise. Getting back to the office is going to be a huge transition for your pooch. So, here are some tips that are going to help your canine get used to you going back to work.

Create a Routine

The likelihood is you have some time before you are back doing the commute and going to the office. But, it is important to start your routine now. We are talking about getting up early, taking your dog for a walk and getting ready for work. They will have to adjust to the time changes just as much as you. Changing your dog’s routine all of a sudden can be unsettling for them. You may also want to consider a calming supplement to help with the change of routine.

Give Them Quality Exercise

There is an old saying that you may have heard of before: a tired dog is a happy dog. To avoid separation anxiety and your furry friend getting bored while you are away, ensure you offer them quality exercise before you go. We are not talking about a quick walk around the block. We mean playing with them, going running or allowing them to do a lot of sniffing. These are all activities that are fun for your pooch and bring their energy levels down. This way, until the time you get home, they are going to be tired and happy to sleep while you are away.

Increase the Time they Are Alone

Right now you are probably spending all your time with your canine. Well, you are about to start going away for eight hours or more during each week day again. This is something that your furry friend has to get used to. But you cannot throw them into the deep end straight away. You need to allow them to get used to the fact that you are going away but coming back later on. So a good way to do this is by slowly increasing the amount of time you are away during the day. Short spells will allow your pup to know you are coming home and you have not left them.

Consider a Boredom Buster Toy

You always want to make sure that you walk your furry friend before you go to work. This is going to make sure they sleep while you are away. But when they wake up they might get bored. This is when they can start destructive behavior like chewing and barking. They are simply bored and they are looking for something to do. Well, you can give your furry friend a boredom buster toy. These are toys that are designed to be stuffed with a variety of treats and foods. This means your canine has to work out how to get the food out of the toy. This is something you can give your pooch when you are gone for work. It will provide mental stimulation and entertainment when their favorite human is away. For example, you can stuff the toys with their breakfast and the toy will make them work for it. Then they will be exhausted and need a nap afterwards. This will stop them developing bad behaviors when you have to go into work.

Hide Treats Around the House

Your dog loves using his nose and this is how he explores his surroundings and the world around him. This is not something dogs just do when they are outdoors. But they can also make use of their senses inside the house too. This is a good way to entertain your canine when you are not around. In addition, it will make them tired and more likely to sleep. For example, you can hide treats around the house for them to find. This is going to provide mental stimulation and keep them amused. Then, they will have a nice nap to pass the time when you are out of the home working.

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