Ghost the Dogo Argentino

In this picture Ghost is with his family on the mountain in the Olympic Forest, Hurricane Ridge, Washington. Ghost is six months old and is the most docile loving companion who loves to travel and already has been to Alaska and has ridden seaplanes there. Ghost lives in Kingston, Washington where he takes daily hikes from the beach and forest at home, and enjoys the weekend exploring and hunting in the Olympic Forest. Submitted by Haydn P.

Here is Ghost with his big sister, Qwynne

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  1. Haydn Price Morris
    Haydn Price Morris says:

    Ghost is such a docile pup, we hit the jackpot with this family companion. I truly hope the Dogo Argentino does much to improve their reputation and not have the stigma that American Pits have. I can’t speak more on how he has such unique relations with all the family members equally and protective to his humans and cats at home. They are very smart dogs and was house and crate trained within the first week, zero accidents. They do crave love and adventures which he gets daily…. I am so glad we have our fur babies during Covid, kept our sanity.


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