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7 Ways to Make Nothing Out of Fear

7 Ways to Make Nothing Out of Fear

Here are seven separate Higher Facts about the proof and the possibility of the Fearless Life. Taken alone, each of the following statements supplies insight into the seemingly impenetrable darkness that surrounds any fear. Taken altogether, these Higher Ideas reveal a whole New Understanding that penetrates fear’s protective shell — dispelling both the feared and the fearful at once. The Light that remains is Freedom.

  1. You can either spend your life struggling to protect yourself from your fears — which is the general existence of the unconscious masses — or — You can learn how to use your life to discover that, in reality, there is no self to fear — and that the world perceived by this shadow-self is but its own unreal shadow.
  2. How can something feel so real and yet not be real at the same time? Consider the child scared of the dark. His fear is real, but it’s based in what isn’t.
  3. It is possible to know so much about the nature of fear that, one day, it simply runs out of ways to make you believe in its shaking.
  4. Self-awakening, and the New Freedom that attends it, begins within seeing through what is not real, just as freedom from the terror of a nightmare begins with discovering you’ve been asleep having a bad dream.
  5. No fact is frightening unless it runs into conflict with what you want. When this happens, the fear is not in the event — but in you — who has decided that in order to feel secure, life must jump through your hoop. So, the fear you feel is in your hoop, not the fact that life may have jumped unexpectedly.
  6. It is in your power to discover that who you really are has nothing to fear, but that you make yourself fearful each time you look outside of yourself for some power to make you feel fearless.
  7. Your only true enemy is those descending forces which want to use you, without your knowledge, for their devolutionary purposes — a principle one of which is to keep you in living in the dark; to effectively blind you to the existence of another set of Ascending Forces which not only want you to know their Plan, but that want you to enjoy the Freedom that comes with becoming a conscious participant in it.

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