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Working for World Peace

Working for World Peace


Ever since I learned about the law of attraction (and have experienced it), I have stopped reading newspapers because I don’t want to give my attention and energy to the conflicts in this world, but rather to peace and happiness. However, I feel like this is making me ignorant. I really do want to work towards international conflict resolution and peace, but what role should learning history and current events play? Doesn’t it hold us back from moving forward to be stuck in the past?


It is the quality of the perceiver that determines the nature of what is perceived and what will come of the relationship between the two… and whether there will be a “healing” as in further integration or more chaos and conflict. This means that when one reads the news, etc., everything depends on the level of self that is taking in the impressions. If we see something ugly or hateful and respond unconsciously with resistance and resentment, then — by a process of “negative attraction” — we unknowingly strengthen that cycle of conflict and misery for all involved. Resistance is negative attraction.

If, on the other hand, we are awake to ourselves, and allow the impressions to be received and used accordingly by our awakened awareness, then not only do we add light (i.e., to that world now perceived within us), but we are changed ourselves as well through this same process.

Do not fear anything… meaning do not allow the fear in you to reject the evidence of itself in the name of something “light and positive.” That whole mindset is sheer madness, and ultimately corrupts the mind deceived into such conditioned practice. Your intuition is good here… follow it. Persist with your wish to be free, and let it be with you in all moments… to meet all that you do as part of the greater liberation of all beings (and that includes your thoughts and feelings).

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