Have You Given CBD to Your Pet? Did You Notice a Difference?

One of the reasons why CBD for pets has become so popular is due to the relatively low cost. You can purchase 250mg of CBD for dogs or cats from a top-rated brand like Premium Jane, for under $40. Depending on your pet’s size, this purchase could last for over a month, six weeks in some cases. All told, you may end up paying no more than $400 for a full year’s supply. If you buy in bulk, you can save a significant sum of money, too.

On average, routine annual veterinary care costs can reach up to $400 for dogs and $200 for cats. Whether you use CBD for pets or not, you should still take your dog or cat to the vet whenever necessary.

A growing number of pet owners claim that using CBD for cats or dogs reduces the need for costly surgeries. For example, you may pay $50 for a heartworm test, and if your dog has the worms, treatment could cost upwards of $1,000! Add in training, food, equipment costs, and other unforeseen issues, and you can quickly see that owning a pet is expensive!

However, for pet lovers, it is a price that is worth paying. It is the same scenario when using CBD for pets. The fact that the cost is reasonable is a bonus. A growing number of pet owners believe that CBD is the real deal.

CBD for Pets Works, According to Owners

At present, many vets continue to urge caution in terms of CBD for dogs and cats. The main concern is the lack of clinical evidence to support claims. The level of research into CBD for pets is indeed relatively small. However, it is becoming harder to ignore the enormous amount of anecdotal evidence from pet owners.

In 2019, over 100 people told the FDA that CBD was useful for their pets. This came after the agency requested public input on CBD’s safety and efficacy. The FDA received over 4,200 comments on cannabidiol; over 4% were from individuals hailing CBD for pets.

In general, the comments outlined the immense improvement in conditions such as general pain, anxiety, chronic pain, and arthritis. The majority of these posts came from dog owners. Indeed, many of the comments were similar to stories from humans who outlined how CBD had helped them. As well as working in a way that pharmaceutical drugs don’t, cannabinoid seemingly has few side effects.

One dog owner spoke about how her 20-year old canine couldn’t walk up and down the stairs. After using CBD for dogs, he is now able to run up and down the stairs. Another pet owner said her dog has an autoimmune disease. The illness resulted in the dog no longer jumping into the car or on the couch like she used to. The dog received prednisone, but it didn’t have any impact.

After using CBD, however, the dog walks 30 minutes a day on a treadmill. She also jumps into the car and on the sofa with no help. Best of all, the dog no longer jumps or cries in pain when touched. The canine no longer uses prednisone, her immune issues are gone, and she shows improved thyroid levels.

How Much CBD for Pets Is Enough?

As it isn’t an approved form of treatment, there are no government guidelines for dosing. However, with greater knowledge comes more useful advice. First and foremost, when using CBD for cats and dogs, begin with the smallest possible amount. Monitor your pet to see how they react.

A basic rule of thumb is to give 1-5mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. 1mg is a “low” dose, 3mg is “medium,” and 5mg is a “high” dose. Therefore, a 15-pound cat would receive 1.5mg if you wanted to give them a small amount, 4.5mg for a medium dose, and 7.5mg for a high dosage.

Make sure you check out the CBD concentration when buying CBD for pets. For example, Premium Jane’s 250mg of pet CBD comes in a 30ml bottle. This means there is 8.33mg of CBD per ml. The dropper contains 1ml of liquid, which equates to approximately 20 drops. There is around 0.4mg of CBD in each drop. Therefore, if you give your pet five drops, they are consuming 2mg of CBD.

There are several methods of administering CBD for pets. One of the most common is to add it to food or water. Premium Jane’s CBD oil drops come in bacon flavor, making it very popular amongst dogs in particular. You also have the option to purchase CBD treats to reward your pet. The Premium Jane range includes 30 treats, each of which contains 5mg of CBD. Check out the brand’s website to learn more.

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