How Dog Walking Can Benefit Your Pet

We all love taking a long stroll with our pets, whether it be on the beach as the sun rises and the fresh, crisp air hits your face, or on a chilly winter’s morning in the mountains where the dogs can run wild and free and love the dew from the leaves brushing over their paws while you creep along all wrapped up in your wooly gear.

These are the days and the memories we cherish and look back on when life seemed to be going well. The moments we enjoy are often the simplest, no fuss or hassle, like an easy walk with our furry family members.

There are beautiful areas catered especially for dogs and animal lovers in general, for some picturesque images of dog strolls have a look here, and if you haven’t already got a pet, these pictures may make you want to get one just to experience these places.

Life is better with a dog. They offer unconditional love, and somehow, even if it has been a horrific day at the office, with a cuddle and a slobbery kiss they make it all OK again.

Dogs and exercise.

Our animals look pretty fit and agile at first sight, but this doesn’t mean to say that they require no physical activity or training. Just like us, in order to live a full and healthy lifestyle, your dog’s physical condition needs to be looked after.

Hand in hand with a nutritionally full diet, we need to ensure that our dogs are taken on walks or runs a minimum of once per day. If you can do more, so much the better for the both of you. However, as life tends to get busier, our schedules seem to fill up before the week has even begun, and as a result the walks become shorter, or missed altogether, and you find yourself on the couch a lot.

This is where help is needed and readily available. Professional dog walking is now a career path. As an on-the-go business person, a dog walker could be the savior for your stresses. For experienced dog handlers and staff who are trained and well versed in doggy care, take a look at dog walking Charlotte NC, and give your dog the fresh air he or she deserves.

Besides giving our furballs some time outside, they also get to socialize and “make friends” with other dogs on the walk and chase butterflies till they’re exhausted, which makes them ready to flop on the sofa with you after a full day of playing. What more could you ask for?

5 benefits of professional dog walks.

— Behavior. The dog walkers are trained and qualified to take care of your pet while you are at work or away, or whatever the case may be. This includes them handling your dog on and off the leash, and if your pet gets overexcited they are able to pull them back in line.

— Stimulation. The outdoors increases your dog’s awareness, heightens his senses, and he actively exercises the part of his brain that alerts their stimuli.

— Time. This brings us back to our busy lives: a morning drop-off and an afternoon collection can save you much-needed time, and no one — human or animal — needs to miss out on their daily routine.

There are plenty of people who believe and highly recommend dog walking and sitting. Take a quick minute to read this blog and see how they feel about it. Tt is always good to hear different sides to a topic, and as always it is never a waste of time to learn something new.

Stress-free. A last-minute meeting may run late, or a deadline might be pushed forward, and so having your dog at the sitters allows you to finish your tasks without worrying too much about them being cooped up indoors for hours on end. A quick phone call and they are more than happy to watch them a while longer.

Convenience. Whether your dog goes daily to the walkers or only once per week, should something unexpected come up, you have the convenience and quick option of dropping your pup off on the way.

The last thing we will discuss, which is the main concern on many peoples’ minds: How do you know that your dog sitter will be treating your furry family member well and with love? There are a few factors to consider before signing your pooch up for walks and activities.

Without a doubt, any professional business should have insurance of some kind to protect themselves and their staff if anything happens on or off-site. They are likely to have these policies displayed in the reception area or on their website, stating the dates of acquiring and expiration.

Terms and conditions are usually easily accessible, as are the rates, and this way all prices are agreed upon upfront and there are no queries when the invoice arrives at the end of the month.

For us, we usually either work off recommendations from friends and family members who have been happy with the service they received from a company, or we read testimonials and customer reviews online to see just how they found the experience at the end of the day.

Is a dog walking a luxury?

This conversation can go two ways: you are either for it or you’re against it. For some people dropping your canine off at the doggy daycare is as normal as having a cup of coffee every morning, while others have to budget and put funds aside to have this service while they are away on holiday.

We began our dog dropping-off days as a once or twice a month occurrence. As work went well and life got easier we let them enjoy the benefits, as well with more days at the center and a shampoo conditioner treatment now and then. Then, of course, for their birthdays, we all enjoy a bit of a pamper session and so do they. They deserve it after all.

It may well not be for you or in your financial wheelhouse, but if treating your dog to a walk with other dogs lets you have a late lunch once in a while, what have you got to lose?

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