How Much Time Should You Spend With Your Dog?

As we all know, dogs are incredibly social creatures. They have inherited this personal trait from the wolves who live in packs. A lone wolf won’t last long on its own. Though, how long is too long for dogs to be in the pack? Do our dogs need our constant presence in their lives, or would they rather enjoy some occasional alone time? Here is what the Internet has to say about it.

How much time is too much time?

Any dog parent believes that their babies always want attention. In fact, people may even start feeling guilty for not spending enough of their free time on their dogs. However, it seems that we may be wrong about that. Most dogs do like playing with us, going on walks, and interacting with their owners. Still, they can also enjoy some me-time once in a while. As they are not just here for our happiness and satisfaction, dogs have lives of their own, and we need to respect that. Just as our lives don’t revolve around our furry friends, neither does theirs around us. So giving our dogs space and time to just be is a very healthy thing to do here.

You can specifically notice their need for some alone time once they grow up from being pups to adults. A puppy, just as any baby, needs a lot of attention. It is not only that they need more care, the best cheap puppy food, and assistance, but they are simply very energetic. At a young age they are these little goofballs of energy and curiosity that need a lot of play time. However, as they grow older, they may lose that goofiness and playfulness quite a bit. At first, many owners may worry about such a change of personality. However, there is nothing to worry about at this point. Most adult dogs just learn to be more independent on their own. In fact, too much playtime at this stage can only exhaust them and put them in a bad mood. You don’t really want that, do you?

Overall it would be right to put a specific number on the hours or minutes you should spend with your dog. However, this number sure should include all the basic needs of your dog. Hence, the very least you can do throughout the day is to feed your dog and take him for a walk. Now, every dog and every breed has rather different needs when it comes to daily activities and exercise, but at least half an hour of exercise per day is absolutely necessary for any dog. This number will be especially true if you have a very active dog by nature, like the majority of hunting or shepherd breeds. Hence, when it comes to the minimum amount of time you should spend with your pup, that will be it. At the very least, you have to feed them, walk them and give them enough time to exercise. If you don’t think that this is not enough bonding time for both of you, then spending some time together on a couch and just chilling will count as quality time too.

Research the breed

The amount of time you need to spend with your dog can also largely depend on the breed. As we all know, some dog breeds are way more social than others. Many breeds can easily spend long periods without their owners. These breeds also make great guardian or service dogs. However, some breeds love attention and don’t want to stay long without their owners.

Smaller breeds, in particular, are very much affection-seekers who need their people around all the time. Chihuahuas and terriers, among other small breeds, are very much dependent on their owners. They require their owners’ attention and prefer to stay around them all of the time instead of running away freely. Moreover, they definitely don’t like being under the custody of other people, especially strangers, for too long. So, if you are planning to travel, you better consider taking your attention-seeking dog with you. Otherwise, you will be in deep trouble when you return home. These dogs are smart and cunning. It will be some time before they forgive you for abandoning them. Fortunately, it is quite easy to travel with smaller breeds these days. You can even take them onboard in the airplane.

Overall, when it comes to picking a new dog for yourself, you have to read the characteristics of each breed you consider getting. Most of the dogs will be fine staying without their owners for most of the day. However, many breeds do not like loneliness. Hence you will have to learn how to include a dog into your day-to-day life.

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