How to Fit a Dog Harness

Adding a harness to your dog’s walking gadget collection can do more for the two of you than you might think! Turning your daily outings into something special is made easy with the right walking accessories. Here are a few shopping tips and tricks, as well as styling ideas to make sure that you find the perfect harness for you and your favorite fluffy little friend…

How to find the right fit

Making the right measurements will make sure that your dog’s harness fits snugly and safely, allowing it to do its job right. Measure across your dog’s chest and around their body and let these numbers guide you when you are choosing a medium, small or large harness.

Other adjustable accessories can be used as a great cheat sheet for finding the right fit just so long as you are shopping for the size that is generally best suited to your dog’s breed.

Essential elements to watch out for

You’re going to want to look for a Y-plated chest fit on your harness to make sure that control and weight is evenly distributed across your dog’s body instead of focusing pressure all in one spot. You will also need to find a harness with a secure buckle and shiny, scratch safe hardware.

Harness styles

There are so many style options out there to find when you’re hunting for the perfect harness for you and your precious pup. The best way to make the right choice is to choose according to your dog’s adorable personality that you love so much. Is your dog all action and ready for adventure?

Look for an energetic, bold print or an all business camp style to kick the exploring up a notch. Maybe they’re gorgeous, gentle and all about the finer things? A floral or animal print will work best for them. Looking for something classic? Choose simple block colours or clean patterned styles.

There is a harness style out there for every dog, it’s just a question of getting out there and finding it! By shopping with your dog’s finest features and quirks in mind, there’s really no way that you can go wrong. Promise.

Image via: Stylish Hound

How the right harness can make your walks better

Your harness is so much more than just another accessory. It’s a way to make walking with your dog seamless, simple and seriously enjoyable! Here’s how…

Comfort: You and your dog are going to make everything more comfortable with the assistance of a beautifully made harness on your side. The correct fit will make sure that your dog is always comfortable, while the amazing composition of your harness protects your arm, neck and hands from any ferocious tugging that could occur.

Control: Harnesses give you amazing control without compromising on the comfort or safety of your four-legged friend. Minimize pulling, stream your walking track, and keep that dog safe with the control offered by a perfect fitting harness.

Convenience: Simplifying your life and making it that extra bit easier is a massive treat for both you and your pooch. For one, clipping and getting out there into the big wide outside happens faster, meaning that your dog can get exploring the environment that they love so much right away. Wagging tails are not in vain! Secondly, making walks stress free and comfortable for the two of you has such a profound impact on optimizing the quality time that you get to spend together.

While you’re on lookout for scoring totally perfect accessories for yourself and your dog, why not complete the set? A uniform outfit will have your fluff ball feeling fabulous for any outing you might have planned with one another.

Whether you’re hitting the road and driving some place new, heading to your favorite dog park, or just stomping the pavement for a healthy walk with your very best workout buddy, the two of you will look absolutely adorable. The right dog accessories make moments with your dog all the more memorable and a little bit more magical. What more could you want from your pup’s walking gear?

Secure a matching dog collar and leash to harmonize with your harness! Get shopping for stylish and safe dog harnesses to step up your everyday style and to bring some added excitement to your daily outings!

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