How To Keep a Dog House Warm In the Winter

How To Keep a Dog House Warm In the Winter

Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with ways to keep your dog warm in the winter, particularly in his or her dog house. Though you may take some easy steps to keep the dog house warm, you might have to adopt some drastic measures if you are in extremely cold regions.

Most of the time the simplest way to heat up pet houses in places where it gets really cold is by adding a commercial heating unit. But what else can you do to keep your furry friend warm in the winter? Below we will take a look at some tips to help you achieve this. Let’s get started!

Understand Your Breed’s Needs

Know your dog breed’s specific susceptibilities to the cold. A few dog breeds are more disposed to the cold compared to others, while other breeds adapt really well to the cold. Those pups that do not respond to the cold should not be outdoor dogs. But, even pups that cope well in extreme cold require shelter and warmth to grow as outdoor pets.

Some breeds that cope well in the cold are Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and Chow Chows. Dogs that have a harder time coping are toy dogs, Dobermans, hairless and short hair dogs, as well as Greyhounds. The shaven or overly clipped dog falls under this category since thick winter coats are a dog’s insulation.

How To Keep a Dog House Warm In the Winter

Change the Location

The easiest way to improve the temperature in your pet’s house might be by moving it to a much warmer location, like a heated garage.

Although you cannot put the dog house indoors, it will remain much warmer when it is placed in a location that is protected from the wind. You might also put it against the house or another heated structure. This will shelter the pup house from the wind and will help increase the temperature slightly in the doghouse.

When the wind is not an issue, you could consider putting the doghouse in an area that gets sufficient sunlight — especially in the afternoon. You can get a solar dog house, but it does not work at night.

Insulate the Dog House

A dog’s natural body heat helps keep his kennel warm. Hence, the better the dog house is insulated, the warmer it stays. Therefore, make sure that all gaps and cracks in the doghouse get covered.

Do ensure that the dog house has a door that can be used to retain the warm air within. Consider raising the house off the ground. Then put a padded bedding material, blanket or pillow on the floor where your dog can sleep.

This will not only provide comfort for your furry friend, but it will also help in insulating both your dog and his house from a cold ground. For your furry friend’s pleasure you might check out Mobile Dog Grooming.

Build a Heating Unit

If you are handy with tools, you could put in a light fixture inside on the ceiling of the pet house. When you fit it with an incandescent light bulb, it helps keep the dog house warmer. You can do this only when the house offers enough headroom to put in the light high enough to prevent contact with your dog.

A ceramic fixture is safer when used instead of the plastic units, then put a fire-resistant guard or baffle around the light bulb to prevent anything from contacting the fixture or bulb. Use only pet-safe, red bulbs as an alternative to white bulbs. That way your dog can get some sleep.

Buy a Heater

There are several commercial, easy to use products available which will help warm up your dog’s house. Some manufacturers make heated mats that can be used on the bottom of your dog’s house.

It is essential that you monitor your dog when such electrical devices are used. Do not use these kinds of devices with dogs who will possibly chew on them. In addition, be sure to frequently keep an eye on the temperature of the heating device to prevent accidents and burns. If preferable, you can opt to start over by purchasing a heated doghouse that will keep your dog warm during cold weather.

How To Keep a Dog House Warm In the Winter

Capture Extra Heat

If you want to pamper your dog, you could consider using heat from the house to keep your dog’s kennel warm by connecting a dryer hose. How do you make this contraption? Cut a round hole near the upper part of your dog’s house that can take a connection of the aluminum dryer hose inside your house.

How do you get the heat to reach your dog’s house? Link the dryer hose to the house and your dog’s house on either side. Then to help move the heat towards the doghouse, you can use a small fan for blowing the heat towards the doghouse. There’s actually a video here that goes into some of this.

When It Is Extremely Cold…

When it is extremely cold for long periods of time, bring in all outdoor dogs. Even using a barn is better and warmer than an outdoor dog house. Keep in mind that the more insulation layers you add to the kennel, the cozier it will be. You can cover the kennel using an old duvet, then placing a tarpaulin over it to strengthen the protection.

Be sure everyday to check the dog house to ensure it is dry and has no leaks in the roof. Cold and wet is way more dangerous and uncomfortable compared to dry cold. Do make sure that the bedding is dry and warm. Lying on dirty bedding can cause infected skin patches and sores. Likeable Pets can treat these infections.

Wrapping up

Though some dog breeds can withstand more cold than others, no pet is entirely immune to cold temperatures. Consider raising the kennel off the ground. Then add padded bedding, blankets or pillows on the floor for your dog to sleep on. This helps provide comfort for your furry friend and also acts as an insulating material for your dog and his house.

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