How to Shop the Best Modern Luxury Dog Beds for Your Pet

Dog beds come in various designs and types ranging from fancy, simple, homemade, expensive, etc. You might be wondering how to pick the best modern luxury bed for your dog given the numerous types on the market.

Maybe your pup enjoys snuggling into you on your bed every night, and you feel there’s no need to spend lots of money for a dog bed again. We’ll address all your concerns here and teach you how to shop for the best modern luxury dog beds for your pet. However for now, consider scrolling through the collection at for some of the best luxury dog beds.

Does Your Pet Need a Bed?

Although your dog is permitted to sleep in your own bed, your pup may need a bed of its own. Interestingly, some dog parents buy more than one bed for their favorite pet.

There are many benefits of owning dog beds for your pet, including comfort and safety. Unlike the cold, hard floor, a dog bed keeps your pup warm, prevents calluses, and supports arthritic joints. Additionally, dog beds provide spaces where your pooch will have enough space to themselves, unlike a human bed or couch.

While it’s rare for dog parents to be allergic to their pet, suppose that is the case; your pup is better off sleeping elsewhere.

Another great thing is that it’s easy to pack your modern luxury dog beds when going on a trip. That way, your dog will be comfortable enough to sleep in an unfamiliar environment without feeling anxiety.

Most luxury dog beds are easy to wash, making life easier for dog parents whose pets are prone to accidents, roll in something sticky, or get mites or fleas infestation.

A dog bed shouldn’t serve as a place for confinement or punishment; hence we don’t recommend buying small dog beds on sale unless you have a puppy. It should serve as a place of security for your dog while offering them safety and comfort.

Types of Dog Beds

There are many dog beds ranging from wrought-iron frame beds with lace canopy to customized pillows. Your selection depends on your budget, decor, and taste. However, your dog may prefer sleeping in other places.

Concentrate on where your dog feels comfortable, seeing as it’ll help you decide the best bed for your pup.

Basic Dog Bed Styles

— Mats and flat pads fit in crates and are inexpensive
— Nest and cuddler beds appear in a traditional oval bowl shape
— Waterproof beds are great for incontinent pets and outdoor use
— Donut-shaped beds with removable center pillows are circular bolsters
— Snuggle/nesting beds are similar to beanbag chairs and preferred by small pups

Homemade beds are an inexpensive option and easily customizable. There are many tutorials on making your dog bed, and you’ll find them online, especially on Youtube. However, ensure you’re using safe and reliable materials that will last.

Buying the Best Bed for Your Dog

The sheer number of dog beds on the market can confuse dog owners. You’ll need to consider some factors like size, comfort, cost, convenience, your dog’s medical needs, etc.

Consider doing some research and/or contacting your veterinarian concerning your dog’s needs before deciding. The following are some factors to consider when buying your dog bed:


Sizing is one of the most crucial factors to consider when buying a bed for your pup. Suppose your dog is still growing; you might fancy getting a dog couch bed. However, if you’re buying a bed for a full-grown dog, get a nose-to-tail measurement when sprawled out to get a fitted bed.

Once you’ve determined an estimated amount of square footage your dog will take up while lying down, it’d be easy to check out various mattress models accordingly. Simply put, ensure your pooch has enough room for stretching at night.


Besides the cost of buying luxury dog beds, ensure your dog fits perfectly on the bed without limbs and head hanging off the edge.


It’d be best to keep the dog bed away from high-traffic areas to prevent your dog or you from tripping on it. Get rid of the bed’s stuffing if your dog chews it, seeing as it might lead to a problem requiring a vet. Don’t forget to remove ribbons and buttons that your pup can chew or consider buying “chew-proof” beds.

Easy Washability

Dogs pass gas, wipe ointment-filled ears and eyes, scratch fleas, eat treats, and throw up on their beds. Some also might urinate on them. If you own a Labrador or other large dog, ensure you buy the best washable dog beds for large dogs. Dogs with allergies will enjoy having their bed washed regularly.

Production Materials

Suppose your dog likes chewing: ensure the bed you get doesn’t turn into a choking hazard. However, some dog beds are made of materials like ripstop weaves and canvas, which are more challenging for pups to tear.

If your dog really enjoys the great outdoors, consider getting a weatherproof bed. Don’t buy pet furniture with overly synthetic build materials, such as flame-retardant and stain-proofing chemicals.

Seeing as some dogs have sensitive skin, monitor your pet to ensure that it’s not allergic to the bed manufacturing material.


While a dedicated modern luxury bed will be great for young pups, older dogs might need unique beds for hip dysplasia, bone/muscle disorders, or arthritic joints.

Like human mattresses, there are many orthopedic options for pets besides spun polyester padding, polystyrene pellets, and memory foam.

Suppose your canine companion needs more TLC. Consider getting a heated dog bed, an orthopedic pad, a thick dog coat for extra warmth at night, and get fluffier bedding materials if they enjoy burrowing.


If your dog likes flopping on its preferred resting spot, spending its snooze time curled into a ball, you might want to get an oval-shaped bed. Suppose your dog sleeps on their back or one side sprawled out, then a rectangular bed might be the best fit, especially for an older and larger dog.


Your dog is an essential part of your life and should be treated as such. While you may enjoy having your favorite pet sleep close to you on your bed, your pup still might need a bed of its own.

Hopefully, you’ve learned how to shop for the best modern luxury dog beds from the points outlined above. Ensure to prioritize comfort, production material, and fitting while buying the best bed for your dog. Happy shopping!

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