How to Train Your Dog to Accompany You in Your Watersports Experience

How to Train Your Dog to Accompany You in Your Watersports Experience

I have never met a person that does not enjoy a good day on the water. The only thing that could make a good lake day better would be if our dogs were able to join in on the fun. Dogs love the water as much as you do, and watersports are a great way for you to bond with your four-legged friend. Just like with humans, practice makes perfect. It may take some time for your pup to get the hang of cruising on a paddle board but the hard work will be worth it. There are many different watersport activities that dogs can take part in. What can you do to help train your dog to join you in watersports? .

Get Them Interested

Dogs are naturally curious animals and when they see you launch a kayak into the water they are going to want in on the fun. Dogs have incredible instincts and just like humans, they can decide whether jumping off of a dock into a lake is a good idea or not. They will most likely be curious after they see their human taking the leap. It is a good idea to take baby steps when introducing your dog to new activities. Do not force your dog to try something if they do not seem comfortable. This could potentially put you and your pet in harms way.

Pick A Reward SystemHow to Train Your Dog to Accompany You in Your Watersports Experience

Canines live for praise. If you have ever observed or taken part in obedience classes, you can see that treats are often used as praise for good behavior or learning a new skill. Especially in water, it may not always be possible to have some Pup-peroni treats with you. Instead, you can bring a special toy for your pet to play with in the boat or kayak. Also, simple positive verbal praise and a belly rub will sometimes do the trick. Dogs have an innate ability to pick up on theirs human’s emotions. If you are having fun, chances are your dog is having fun too.

Choose A Water Sport That is Not Too Difficult

Not all dogs have the same capabilities. Some enjoying running and others enjoy swimming. There are also others that do not seem interested in any physical exercise at all. I can assure you, there is a water sport for everyone as well as your furry companion. Water sports include: boating, kayaking, surfing, swimming, and even a game of fetch from the end of a dock counts! A lot of information on water sports for dogs can be found on If your dog is older, you may want to consider something that will not be as physically demanding on your pet. Keep in mind that you should never try an activity that is outside of your dog’s own capabilities.

Since dogs tend to follow us around wherever we go anyway, it should not be too difficult to train your dog to accompany you in your water sports experience. This is an excellent way for you and your dog to bond and have a few good laughs. Not to mention, water sports are fantastic sources of exercise for humans and canines alike.

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