Is It Safe To Feed CBD Dog Treats To Puppies?

CBD is popular nowadays as it shown a high efficacy rate not only for humans but also for pets, especially dogs. To better understand this, you should know that CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the chemical compounds of Cannabis sativa.

CBD is also being used for animals lately. It is now used to treat multiple ailments for dogs, such as joint pain, behavioral disorders, and heart and immunity problems. But the question remains: is it safe to give our dogs, most importantly our puppies, CBD dog treats to aid them with their ailments?

When your dog ingests CBD, it should quickly start taking effect, and you should notice a difference in your dog’s behavior within minutes. However according to Cannabislaw, the “ingesting” part might be a problem for some dog owners because CBD is known for its earthy, bitter taste and strong scent, and your pooch might not be eager to taste it. So, sometimes, you need to be a bit creative in CBD administration for dogs, which is where treats come in…

Understanding CBD Dog Treats

There are two categories of Cannabis sativa plants: marijuana and hemp. CBD mostly comes from hemp plants, and it usually consists of 0-0.3% of THC. THC is the chemical component in marijuana that makes it psychoactive.

CBD products, such as CBD dog treats and CBD oils, do not have THC. Instead, they only consist of the cannabidiol substance that does not make the consumer high. CBD will only have relaxing effects, especially for people who have mental conditions like depression and anxiety.

CBD can also help with joints and muscle pains and give relief to patients who suffer seizures. Today, CBD has been making a buzz in the pet world because it claims to help animals in addition to humans.

Cannabidiol can be given to our pets through different forms. It can be in the form of oils and even dog treats. CBD dog treats are the most common way to introduce CBD to your dogs. It is nothing but a simple dog treat infused with CBD to aid with your dog’s illness. Other pet owners opt for CBD oil or capsules to treat their dogs with joint pain or behavioral conditions.

A proper dosage of CBD oil has been widely proven to be beneficial in helping dogs deal with anxiety and/or even cancer as well. For in-depth reading, you can find out here. 

Is CBD Safe for Both Old and Young Dogs?

CBD is a safe medicine option for both old and young dogs who suffer from different health conditions. It is considered a safe supplement that rarely produces side effects, and if it does, it would most likely be only mild and light. The most common reported side effects are slight drowsiness or diarrhea.

CBD supplements are safe for children, which makes it safe for your puppies as well. This supplement can also provide benefits to its users — old or young, human or animal.

Here are conditions and symptoms that CBD can help your dog with:

— Anxiety
— Pain
— Convulsions and Epilepsy
— Nausea and Vomiting
— Appetite loss
— Cancer
— Cognitive loss
— Activity loss

Proper Method of Giving CBD to Your Puppy

Even if CBD is known as a suitable treatment for different conditions, you should still visit your vet before giving CBD supplements to your pups. It will be best if you do not give CBD at the very first sign of the mentioned conditions.

CBD is only recommended for severe conditions and extreme symptoms that cannot be treated with traditional training and lifestyle changes. Whenever you notice a behavioral change in your puppy, like aggressiveness towards other pets or animals, you must seek your vet’s advice right away to provide advice and a proper approach for your pet.

Although CBD is a highly recommended supplement and medication for dogs, it should not be your only solution to your dog’s condition. It is always best for your pets to consult a vet rather than medicate them with CBD products only.

Whenever your dog’s condition or symptoms worsen even after doing proper lifestyle change and behavioral training, that is the best time to consider giving CBD to your dogs. For instance, if your dog does not show improvement from their separation anxiety. When your vet prescribes anxiolytic, that would be when you start looking for CBD supplements and medication for your dog.

Five Best CBD Dog Treats

CBD Dog Treats Cheese Wraps by MediPets

The MediPets Cheese Wraps contain 3 mg of Cannabidiol per piece. It has a cheesy flavor that your dog will surely love. You can also choose other flavors for your dog to enjoy, such as beef, turkey, or sweet potato.

ManiPets dog treats are made with CBD oil from hemp plants in the US and are supported by laboratory testing. MediPets brand is also one of the most affordable CBD dogs treats on the market.

Canna-Biscuits Advanced MaxCBD by Canna-Pet

Canna-Biscuits by Canna-Pet has a maple bacon flavor and contains not only CBD but also terpenes. Terpenes are a natural ingredient that enhances the effect of the CBD.

Canna-Biscuits are locally baked in the United States and have organic and quality ingredients that can be good for your dog. The MaxCBD Canna-Biscuits consists of 8.4 mg of CBD per treat, which is a high amount compared to average CBD dog treats.


HolistaPet has three kinds of treats: CBD dog treats for joint pain and mobility, for stress and anxiety, and for heart and immunity. HolistaPet started producing all-natural, allergen-free CBD dog treats in 2016.

This brand stands out from all the other CBD dog treats on the market. They are not only producing quality products, but they also practice good business ethics. Moreover, they have excellent and knowledgeable customer service.

Pet Hemp Company

Pet Hemp Company has a wide variety of CBD dog treats that are also affordable. This is another popular name in the CBD dog treat industry as they are well-known for their effective and all-natural products and excellent business practice.

Pet Hemp Company sets itself apart because they are using the actual hemp seed powder to make their dog treats and CBD extract. It gives your pet a full entourage effect when they consume it.

FAB CBD by FabPets

FAB CBD has a great product lineup for your pup that you can choose from. They have three different options of flavors and specific target areas, such as chicken for active immunity, salmon for the skin and coating, and peanut butter and apples for a calm attitude.

FAB CBD gives your pup 3 mg of CBD per treat. Hemp oil is also added to the dog treat to help your dog’s health and overall wellbeing. All of their pet products are allergen-free, and they used organic hemp that is local to Colorado.


CBD has grown in popularity due to its countless health benefits. Pet parents are still concerned about whether or not it is a good option for their fur babies; most are still skeptical about this alternative medicinal option. Indeed, the use of CBD for therapeutic purposes among humans is subject to laws and regulations. Learn which states allow CBD and what their stand on medicinal marijuana is. Due diligence remains key in considering CBD products for human and animal use. However, CBD usage with dogs is already a widespread practice all over the United States, which means that it is a safe and effective option for your dog.

Author’s bio: When it’s about pets, you’ll be sure that Courtney will be writing about it. Courtney John is a writer and self-confessed pet lover who loves sharing to the world her insights. When not writing, she loves spending time with her pets. Alternatively, you can also catch Courtney cooking for her fur babies.

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