Is Your Dog Underweight? 3 Tips to Help Your Dog Gain Weight

Have you noticed recently that your dog looks slimmer than the average dog his age? It could be due to an underlying illness, or maybe he’s healing from a recent injury, or perhaps he’s just a picky eater.

So how do you know whether or not your dog is underweight? The best way to find out is to take a look at how noticeable his bones are. Are your dog’s ribs, pelvic bones, and spine visible with no hint of fat? Does your dog feel tired all the time? Has his or her coat lost all its shine? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then your dog may be underweight and could be in grave need of additional nourishment.

However, the good news is that an underweight dog can return to its healthy self through dedicated care and nutritious diet from his or her owner. Here are some tips that will help in bringing your beloved pet to its most beneficial weight.

Develop a New Feeding Schedule

When it comes to digesting and metabolizing food, it works differently in dogs than in humans, but there are still a few similarities. For instance, people who eat a few hours before bed have a higher chance of gaining weight. Eating the right kind of food just before you go to bed helps your body store and use nutrients as fat. So, when your dog needs to gain weight, you can apply this same theory to your pet and help them gain a few extra pounds.

However, to encourage your dogs to eat correctly, feed them food in their unique dog bowls that will make mealtime enjoyable for them. That way, when they have their unique bowl for food, they can even tell you when they are hungry by pulling you or taking their bowl to you. This way you’ll always know when your dog is hungry and needs food.

If your dog is eating only two times a day, think about giving him a light meal in the morning as well as a more than average amount of food in the evening. This will let your dog’s body store fat when sleeping as opposed to burning it off during the day.

Add Pumpkin and Sweet Potato to Their Diet

Pumpkin and sweet potato are great ways to help your dog gain some weight, so make sure you add pumpkin and sweet potato to their diet. It’ll help you provide your dog with a diet with a limited amount of protein and the needed amount of fats. Additionally, providing them with a diet rich in fat and fiber will help your dog not only gain weight, but also improve digestion.

You can buy pumpkin and sweet potato in cans from your local grocery store. However, please keep a close watch on your dog the first few days you make this addition to their diet. If you do find any irregularities in your dog’s health or behavior, stop adding these ingredients to their diet altogether.

Give Them More Reasons to Exercise

Many people think that exercise only leads to weight loss. But one should remember that the objective for your pet is to gain weight by putting on more muscle instead of only fat. Giving your dog more reasons to exercise is one of the best ways to achieve a healthy level of weight. With the combination of a high-protein, high-fat diet, and the necessary exercise, your dog will become muscular in no time.

Wrapping Up

When your pet is underweight, it can lead to several health issues in the future. Therefore, to help your dog live a healthy and active life, make sure you provide your dog with all the nutrition they need. With some knowledge and care, this problem of being underweight can be dealt with quickly.

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