Shorty and Thor the Chihauhau Mixes

Shorty and Thor the Chihuahua Mixes

Shorty and Thor couldn’t be more different, but they came from the same litter in March of 2012. Shorty is a gentle soul, who can catch a frisbee on the fly and loves to play with toys (the noisier the better). He has the manners of a prince, and will wait for permission to enter your space. Thor, on the other hand, likes two things: eating and rooting around (looking for something to eat). He’s not interested in toys unless it involves taking them away from Shorty. And for some reason, Thor has no concept of boundaries, as he will decide where he wants to lay down and if that spot is taken, he just wedges himself in. They both are very good boys and love to go walking, although they bark at anything bigger than they are. They are the happiest in the morning and miserable if they can’t go walking. Submitted by Danna P.

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Here is Shorty looking miserable when I was at my keyboard…

Shorty the Chihuahua Mix

Here is Thor upside-down…

Thor the Chihauhau Mix

Here is Thor chasing a squirrel around our log pile…

Thor the Chihauhau Mix

Thor the Chihauhau Mix

Thor is 50% Chihuahua and 50% smooth hair fox terrier, and Shorty is 50% Chihuahua and a 50% blend of about five other breeds, Miniature Pinscher being the largest portion. I did the doggie DNA tests you can buy at Petco since I had so many opinions about what breed they were. Jack Russell was a popular guess but they had 0% of that in them.

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