Silas the Mixed Breed

I have a foster dog for your DogPerDay email. Silas is a loving, playful pup who brings out the fun side of his brother, Sterling, who was featured on DogPerDay yesterday. When they play nothing else in the room matters. Silas is curious about EVERYTHING and loves to follow you and play with you or near you. He is a fan of naps, snuggles and pictures. His green eyes are mesmerizing (and rare!). If you would like to consider adopting Silas and/or his brother Sterling, you can send an email to and he can take it from there. It would be preferred to adopt both of them because Sterling gets uneasy being with humans alone and Silas helps him adjust. Submitted by Mel R.

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  1. Whitney
    Whitney says:

    If I could have two more dogs I would adopt them in a heartbeat! They are gorgeous! I hope they find a wonderful home together very soon <3

    • Kate
      Kate says:

      Ditto! What super sweet boys!! And those pix are ADORABLE. I’m so glad they have a loving place to wait for their forever homes. ๐Ÿค—

      • Lora Griffiths
        Lora Griffiths says:

        I agree wholeheartedly! They are beautiful puppies, and I hope they find a home together to spend the rest of their little lives in.


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