Smart Reasons To Get Insurance For Your Furever Buddy

Dogs are no doubt man’s best friends. They love us and get us through the hard times like no other. Who could be any happier the second they see us walking in the door than them?

The unfortunate and heartbreaking reality is that our dogs are usually only with us for about ten to fifteen years. Our furever buddy needs health care just like we humans do. They also have the need to see a pet-doctor for medical attention and regular check-ups. What’s one of the smartest things you can do for your dog? Get them the best dog insurance available.

You Won’t Have to Say No to Surgery or Costly Medical Procedures

Pet insurance often covers those life-saving procedures that your pet needs after an accident or a medical diagnosis. Without pet insurance, some dog parents may have to say “no” to expensive treatment if they don’t have the extra money to pay for it. If a dog with a serious illness cannot get the treatment they need, their life expectancy may dive into the worst possible situtation. One of the most devastating decisions a dog parent has to make is whether or not their dog gets the care they need. Pet insurance takes away the “if” we can pay scenario.

Pet Insurance Lets You Use Any Vet

Have you ever chosen a vet clinic just because it was cheaper, even if it didn’t have the most outstanding reviews? Well, having pet insurance clears you from the worry of having to cut costs based on how cheap or expensive a vet clinic is. You can choose whichever vet you’d like as long as your policy covers the condition your dog needs for treatment. Your bill will be covered up to the amount your policy agreement allows. You can have the freedom to shop around for the best vet clinic for your beloved pup without having to consider if you can afford it.

Pet Insurance Can Help as Your Pet Ages

We all know that as dogs get older they begin to develop more significant health issues. What they used to digest easily may end up being too much for their stomachs to handle as they age. Their bones are more fragile, and they are prone to tumors and cancer. Pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, so waiting for your dog to develop a serious health condition before purchasing insurance is too late. Deciding to protect your dog now will help ensure your favorite buddy gets the best care possible when he gets older.

Pet Insurance Allows You to Keep Your Savings or Emergency Fund

If you’re one of those dog parents who can’t say no when your furry family member needs some extra medical care, you might know how it feels to have your savings or emergency fund drained because of an accident you didn’t see coming. It takes time to build an emergency fund, so having that wiped clean can be devastating to your future. With dog insurance, although you may still need to provide the funds upfront to your vet, most pet insurance companies will cover up to 90 percent of the cost as long as you have reached your annual deductible. Your savings account may be lacking some funds for a few weeks, but at least you will have about 90 percent of it back once you get reimbursed.

There are Plenty of Plans to Choose From

Most dog insurance companies know that not all dogs need the same coverage. Based on the breed and how much medical care you can afford, you can pick which plan is right. Insurance companies often offer 70, 80, or 90 percent coverage with a deductible amount that you can choose at the start of the policy. Many dog parents prefer a $250 or $500 annual deductible. You can also decide on whether or not you want to add wellness coverage. If you chose an expensive vet, wellness coverage might help offset the extra charges of selecting a more expensive pet-doctor.

We all want our dogs to live as long as possible because they mean more to us than just pets. They fill the household with more affection and joy. One of the smartest ways to ensure dogs live a long, healthy life is to purchase an insurance policy. For all that furry family members do for us, they deserve to have the best chance at life, too.

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