Smokey the Pomeranian

Smokey is an 11 year old Pomeranian whose favorite treat is a baby carrot πŸ₯•. He is spunky and energetic, with a fun, playful personality. This little man is a celebrity in public, as he steals all the attention. If you pick him up, he jumps a little trying to help you. I am not sure he knows he is a dog because he is treated like royalty. Submitted by Debra P.

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  1. Ross McClintock
    Ross McClintock says:

    This dog is such a cutie….you will have many years of love from your best friend on 4 legs…or maybe even two!…I just got a new doggie and plan to post pics soon…his name is Tommy…Your dog has an award winning look….oh my…just want to hug him!


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