Taking A Look At CBD For Your Dogs

Life is always more fun when pets are involved. They bring the family together, they make us exercise even when we don’t want to, and they cuddle you anytime… anywhere. The last thing we want is to see our furry friend being anything less than his usual, bouncing, bubbly self, and when they’re feeling poorly we will do whatever it takes to make them well again.

Having seen many success stories online and having read blog upon blog, I suggested to my friend to try CBD oil for her pet for the upcoming New Year’s festivities we had planned. People have been adding CBD into their canine’s meal plan, slowly at first, and then it became the norm in their nutrition plan.

CBD or cannabidiol is gaining traction among dog lovers with increasing clinical research. The Weedclub website says that CBD for your dog or cat is one of the ways to make your pet happier. It offers many health benefits including, pain, insomnia, and anxiety, just to name a few.

CBD oil has many benefits when it comes to the health and all-round well-being of your dog, some of which we will chat about today. You can read more about it, get in-depth information, and have any questions answered when you view this page. So grab a cup of tea and get cozy on the couch.

5 CBD Treats for Your Dog

Vegetable chews. Having a softer texture than a biscuit, but not soggy so that it just melts away, chews are a unique experience for your pet. The texture makes their taste buds stand at attention and the wheels begin turning in their head trying to figure out what the new sensation is.

Bacon strips. This is something my friend claims she invented for her dog. How true that is I’m not sure, but nevertheless he loves these snacks and jumps around like a crazy bean when they are brought out. She bakes the strips till they’re crisp, like you see in a commercial for bacon, and she drops the oil on the bacon to soak in while it’s still hot.

Hot meal. The usual stew made up for your pup is the easiest and fuss-free method of getting CBD into your dog. Simply stir into the ready meal just before you serve.

Biscuits. Someone is always making an organic version of a biscuit made with raw and natural ingredients, and by adding a few drops of CBD oil into the mix, besides tasting great, it sneakily regulates your dog’s bodily functions. Try this basic recipe https://myedibleschef.com/recipes/easy-homemade-cbd-dog-treats/ to get you started.

Ice. On a hot day, we all like a bit of ice cream to cool us down, and dogs are no different. I’m not saying go out and buy him a Flake 99, but freeze diluted sugar-free fruit juice combined with CBD oil in an ice cube tray, and he’ll be a happy chappy sitting and licking for a couple of minutes.

History of CBD

Early studies and research show that during ancient times a Chinese Emperor was thought to use cannabis that was infused into his tea to help him manage his gout and malaria. And again during the reign of Queen Victoria, who used the oil to help alleviate the discomfort of her menstrual cramps.

If you’re like me and thought that CBD and its arrival on the scene was new you’d be mistaken. Rediscovered by accident by a chemist in the late 1940’s, this extract soon took on a new role in the medical world and became what we know today as a natural alternative to chemical-based pharmaceuticals.

As more tests were conducted and ailments were being discovered to be treated or significantly diminished in severity, it soon became the sought after herb oil for people who had tried everything else on the market.

This interesting read on the Past, Present, and Future of Cannabis and its uses gives you a look into how this simple plant has evolved, not only for human consumption, but treating illness in a less invasive and harmful manner.

While this product may not be for everyone, but if the success stories are anything to go by and the results speak for themselves, what harm will you do in experimenting on giving it to your dog to help him live a longer life?

It may work or it may not, but if the prescribed medicines aren’t providing much assistance, I say go for it. The more years of our furry friends hanging around the better.

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