The 4 Best Dog Training Tips for Your New Pet

Bringing a dog home into your family can be one of the most memorable and wonderful experiences of your life that you will cherish forever. These loyal companions will never leave your side and will give you love till the day they die. If you have decided to add a new member to your family, it is important to start training them immediately. Obedience training can be very good for a dog. It can bring a new level of confidence and a stronger human-canine bond between the two of you. This also provides mental stimulation and is important for their overall well-being. We have talked to experts to curate a list of the best tips to help you train your dog.

Decide on the house rules your dog should follow

It is important to set up some basic house rules for what you think your pet can and cannot do in your house. For example, some people love it when their dogs sleep on their feet at night, but some prefer that their dog does not climb on the bed. Decide if getting on top of furniture is off limits or not for your new friend. Are there certain areas of your house where they will not be allowed? These are the habits you need to start instilling early. This will help your dog avoid confusion about what to do and what not to do.

Help them relax

If you are getting a new puppy, give them a hot water bottle when you bring them home and put a ticking clock next to them near their sleeping area. This helps imitate the heartbeat and heat of their litter-mates, which will soothe them a lot. Get them comfortable so that they start trusting you, and training will be a lot easier.

Reward them for a job well done

The most important tip for training is that you should provide your pet with positive reinforcement whenever they follow your instructions. You can use multiple things to help reward this behavior, such as bully sticks, toys or even taking them out for a walk. It is important to tell them that they are doing something right so that the behavior gets enforced over a period of time. Remember to never reward bad behavior, else they will not understand the difference.

Remember to always say “No” to nipping and biting

It might not be a good idea to keep scolding your pet when they bite or nip you. Another method you can try is to act like you are in an intense amount of pain when they do so. You can yell loud and sharp so that they are startled by it. Most dogs actually get so surprised that they stop that very second. In case verbal cues are of no use, you can try trading something in, like trading off a nice chew toy instead of your clothes or hand. This works best on puppies.

Training your dog is quite an easy task if you know what methods to use. Keep these tricks in mind to have your dog trained in no time.

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