The Furbo Dog Camera Review

Most pet owners are usually close to their pets, making them care for them deeply. The average person has to be away from home for various reasons including work, classes, and so on, therefore it is not possible to stay with their pets all day, even if they desire to do so.

For this reason, owners who like to keep tabs on their dogs while away from home can purchase a camera that enables them to check up on and communicate with them.

What is a Dog Camera?

A dog cam is a small device that lets you see how your dog is faring and what it is up to wherever you are, including when you are away from home. It is usually strategically placed somewhere in the home where the chances of you seeing your pet are highly increased. They may come with different features, including treat dispensing, bark alerts, two-way audio, and compatibility with Wi-Fi, phone and such other devices.

Many reasons exist as to why you may need to use a dog camera. Some of these include:

Separation Anxiety

If you own a pet that suffers anxiety anytime he is left alone, then this device is for you. Your dog might also be bored when left alone by himself and can become restless. The camera helps you check up on him and connect with him while you are away. In this way you can monitor your dog’s behavior. You can read up about separation anxiety here.

Living Alone

As a human, there is no way you will stay at home alone daily all the time with no interaction with other people. You need to go out to do different things from time to time even if you work from home. For people who live by themselves and do not have help with the care of their dogs while they are away, the camera can help fill that void until they get back.

For Dog Breeders

Most dog breeders usually enjoy what they do very much. Even at that, taking care of and tracking a lot of dogs at once can be challenging. A Furbo camera may be useful for this kind of task.

Frequent Travelers

For people who travel a lot, this camera can help them stay in contact with their pets even if someone else is helping watch over them.

It is important to know that these cameras are best for pet owners who return home daily and not those who have to be away for a long time. For those who are away or will be away for a long time, it may be best to get someone to take care of them or send them to a pet hotel.

For more reasons for which you may want to get the device, you can read this article:

What Makes the Furbo Dog Camera Special?

Just like every pet cam, Furbo is designed to help you check on your dog. It can be regarded as the most popular pet camera. It works in tandem with an app called “the companion app” and includes features such as the ability to speak to your pet via two-way audio, toss it treats, and watch a live feed with its 1080p Full HD camera. For people on a premium account, you can save the video footage if you like. It also allows you to set barking alerts and take selfies.

The Furbo comes in white color with a height that is just under 9 inches and can fit in into most homes. It needs to be connected to electricity and Wi-fi. Because it is meant for your pet, it needs to be placed low enough to be seen by the dog.

The Furbo also comes with a 2048-bit RSA private key encryption. This is to keep your home data private. The footage from the device is also deleted every night both from the cloud and on the app for security reasons, as the inside of your home is visible.

Setting up the device is simple. Using the different light status, you can do so in conjunction with instructions on the app. The device includes a treat reservoir where you can place treats and toss them out whenever you want. The recommended treat size is a diameter of 0.4 inches.

Figuring the Furbo out might take a while for your dog. But the app helps you out with a video showing how to teach your pet to respond to it. You can also read the Furbo dog camera review for tips on proper usage.

Are they Worth it?

Dogs like humans are social creatures. They are very cuddly and like to connect with their owners as much as possible. Leaving them behind can sometimes be hard on them, and that is why these cams are worth trying.

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