Tips for Raising a French Bulldog in an Apartment

Have you considered adopting a French bulldog? While many apartment owners hesitate, not knowing whether or not these canines would feel comfortable living in an apartment or flat, the truth is that French bulldogs are undeniably among the best indoor pets.

These creatures are small in size and weight, and they have short hair as well. Consequently, they aren’t demanding in terms of space and shed only twice a year. French Bulldogs are low-energy, well-mannered, and calm creatures, friendly to family members and strangers.

In order to raise such a canine in your apartment, you should introduce some changes. There are numerous blogs offering dog products online, such as – dog beds for Frenchies, helping Bulldog owners take care of their little friends.

The tips below will teach you how to raise one in an apartment.

Start potty training

The first tip French bulldog owners should follow is to start potty training their companions from the minute they welcome them into their homes. In order to overcome the training challenges, every canine owner should be patient while supervising and rewarding the behavior of their pets.

Regardless of the age of your Frenchie, it’s important for you to stick to a predictable routine. By adhering to a daily schedule of meals, play sessions, and naps, your lovely companion will soon predict when it’s the right time to take a potty break. For instance, your French bulldog will learn that he/she needs to potty after having a meal or taking a nap.

Moreover, supervision is required at all times to prevent your Frenchie from going potty trip in one of the rooms in your apartment. Unless you keep an eye on your dog around the time he/she has to potty, he/she will try to sneak off somewhere in the apartment. Therefore, when you notice the body language changes in your canine, it is high time to go outside.

French Bulldog owners are advised to accompany their pets outside during their potty time. Your presence is necessary to make sure your companion relieved himself or herself. It’s common for canines to get distracted and forget about their urges.

Also, you can reward your Frenchie for his/her good behavior immediately instead of waiting to come back to the apartment. The longer you wait to give the reward to your dog, the lower the likelihood of him/her realizing the meaning of the prize. Visit this website for some practical tips on training a French Bulldog.

Positive reinforcement is of tremendous importance in potty training. Given French Bulldogs are eager to please their owners, they’ll exhibit a great response to both verbal and physical results. In the event of a doggy accident inside the apartment, make sure to clean the mess as soon as possible. Otherwise, your Frenchie might consider this spot its bathroom.

Introduce a crate

Another helpful tip for raising a French Bulldog is introducing a crate, which should be his/her safe retreat. The crate you select should be properly sized, allowing your canine companion to feel comfortable when standing up, lying down, or turning around. The introduction of the crate should be done slowly in order to allow your pet to acclimate comfortably.

In addition, your Frenchie is supposed to be left to explore the crate before closing the door. Make sure you put some of his or her favorite toys and treats inside to trigger their interest. Try not to leave him/her immediately after closing him/her in the crate to demonstrate the safety of this place. Even if your dog whines when leaving the room, don’t be tempted to open the door. Otherwise, your pet will use crying as a trick whenever he/she wants to escape the crate.

Moreover, the location of the crate should be carefully chosen for your Frenchie to feel neither too overwhelmed nor isolated. Even though crates are miraculous when it comes to keeping your dog safe inside the apartment, canines shouldn’t be left inside the kennel for too long. Make sure not to leave your French bulldog inside the entire day while you’re at work, as he/she might develop a urinary tract infection. The following link,, provides insight into lower urinary tract problems and infections in dogs.

Integrate your Frenchie into the environment

French Bulldog owners are strongly advised to integrate their puppies into every aspect of their lives so that they will adapt better to living in an apartment. Since apartments are relatively limited in terms of space, your companion will be spending plenty of time in your surroundings. Therefore, you should introduce him/her to each family member and visitor.

Moreover, owners of this breed should take advantage of its friendly and kind nature in the course of training. A well-trained French Bulldog behaves calmly around strangers and children. Your Frenchie will welcome every visitor into your apartment warmly without barking or feeling threatened. Once these pets become accustomed to the noise and activity levels in the apartments of their owners, they won’t exhibit any fearful or aggressive behavior.

Bulldog-proof the apartment

French bulldog owners living in flats are advised to make some changes to their living space for their companions to get accustomed to the apartment more easily. Although these canines require low levels of exercise, they still need enough space to wander around the apartment. Try to make some room for your pet, as he/she should feel comfy and safe. Also, this will make your dog less likely to be tempted to climb on the sofa or the bed.

Balconies are a dangerous spot for French Bulldogs, as these creatures can easily fall off them when unsupervised. Since you can’t keep an eye on your pet at all times, make sure to use some furniture or change the balcony fence.

Given the delicate nature of this breed, pet owners should keep an ideal room temperature. The temperature in your apartment should be between 59 Degrees F and 70 Degrees F. Temperatures above 79 F might be fatal for these canines due to the risk of suffering a heat stroke.


French Bulldogs are flexible creatures. If you incorporate these tips, they won’t mind apartment life!

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