Traveling with Pets: 7 Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Are you planning to travel? Not alone, but with a furry friend? If so, traveling with your pet can become a reality. After all, who wants to abandon your best friend at home! But does the idea of putting your pet in a kennel hurt your heart as well as your purse?

No worries! Some initial inquiries about traveling in flights with pets may be just the ticket. So, check out the info below about some important things to do before traveling with your pets.

Explore Your Destination

Each country enforces its own pet immigration rules and protocols. Almost everywhere you travel, your pet must be registered for rabies vaccination. This is crucial when your pet receives their last rabies vaccination.

If your pet gets vaccinated within 30 days before the journey or within 12 months before the trip, some countries/regions may not allow it. Some countries/regions also necessitate your pet to get tapeworms taken care of 24 to 120 hours before travel.

Research and make a useful list of several national rules and regulations regarding travel with pets.

Bring Their Favorite Food, Toys and Blankets

Keeping your pet relaxed while traveling is very important because it can be a bit stressful. Therefore, it is best to pack some of their preferred items, such as blankets and toys. Make them feel comfortable with their usual and loving Pet Culture food.

Bring collars, chains, and tags. You must always control your pets, especially at airports and transport terminals. In order to not losing your pet for any reason, make sure to put an identifiable collar on him or her.

Check Airlines

Next, if you are traveling by airplane, you should ensure you book your flight with an airline that accepts pets. Some airlines do not permit pets at all, while others permit on a fee basis.

If you have a connecting flight, please be certain that your linking flight also consents to pets.

Some commercial airlines allow less than one or two pets on board. Call the air company to keep a seat for your pup, before booking a flight.

View a list of all air companies that accept your pup. You should search a list that includes pet transportation costs for each airline.

Pay Attention to The Airline’s Cabin and Cargo Protocols

Generally, pet-friendly airlines allow pets up to 20 pounds in the cabin. Dogs more than 20 pounds usually need to fly as extra weight. Popular airlines, including Delta Airlines and United Airlines have dedicated pet travel information pages.

Delta Airlines does not carry pets as cargo because there is a danger when pets fly this way. Instead, your pet now can be in the cabin with you during your flight. United also uses Pet-Safe Cargo to provide an alternative transportation method for your pets.

Collect The Required Documents and Your Pet’s Passport

When you are sure of the requirements from the airline and destination, it is time for you to prepare the documents. Pet Passport is an easy way to put all your pet’s documents in one place. The pet passport is very similar to a human passport.

It contains the information needed to travel abroad legally. It includes any medical information, such as B. Current vaccinations and records whether your pet has any serious health problems. Take your pet to the doctor at least one month before the excursion to get document updates.

Keep Sufficient Food & Water

You should be able to provide food or water for your pet at any time during the journey. So, it is wise to carry food and water bowls with you. Although it is always difficult for airlines to buy water, you can bring water into your car when you take a ferry.

Keep Pet-Seatbelts

Bestowing to the Pet Trust, driving in an out-of-control mode with a pet has inherent risks. There is more danger at the time of the collision. Because even at a speed of 50 km/h, a pet may be thrown into the car with a force of 30-60 times its body weight. This can cause fatal injuries to the pet or other passengers.

There are different types of dog restraint systems for different breeds. Make sure to find something that is the best for the safety of your pet.

Travel Preparation: Common Problems

It is very important to be prepared for any problems you may encounter during travel. Then, you will know how to deal with delays, missed connections, and accidents that may affect your travel with your pet. So, to avoid all such common issues, make sure you have maintained all the rules and customs of your destination carefully to ensure safe passage for your pets while traveling.

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