Trendy Bike Trailers for Dogs

If you are a dog owner and also someone who likes to take long (or short) rides on a bicycle, then a bike trailer for dogs may be one of the best purchases you can make. I mean, c’mon… you’ll be able to take your dog for a ride while riding your bike! Your dog will surely enjoy it, too! And you won’t have to worry about safety if you pick the right bike trailer for your dog.

But how do you pick the right one? There are definitely lots of models to choose from, and there are several things you should consider before deciding. But have no fear! We are going to help you to pick the right bike trailer, and show you a great option while we are at it!

When it comes to deciding on a bike trailer for your dog, there are some things you should have in mind beforehand. For example, the size of your dog and how it behaves are important factors.

If your dog is the uneasy type that likes to scratch around, you should purchase a trailer that is durable. There are ones that are made of a solid, thick fabric that will provide more durability and resistance to that behavior. If you think your dog is quiet, you can opt for a more comfortable trailer with a soft cloth that provides a higher level of breathability and comfort.

Also, you should consider things like the climate and the terrain. Ask yourself how often you’ll be using it, for how long, and whether you want a trailer that is easy to handle or one that you can use as a dog carrier. Of course, your budget will certainly play an important role, too.

Do you want something that is durable? Or do you want something that looks nice and seems trendy? Are you going to ride for long periods of time, or just ride around your house? If you are going for long rides, you should prioritize for your dog’s comfort!

Also, pay attention to the frame. If the frame is made of aluminum it’ll be easier to handle and will be lighter in comparison to a steel frame, which is heavier, but can handle more weight, is more durable, and is a good choice if you have a big dog.

Plastic frames are a no-no. Sure, they may be inexpensive, but they are less durable and will break easily.

You can visit sites like Pet Dog Pals – Bike Trailers to check some examples.

Pay Attention to the Features

If you are the adventurer type, you should buy a trailer that has suspension included in its features. It is extremely useful when you are riding your bike over rough terrains like gravel roads, and suspension softens the impact during the ride. Of course, if you stick to roads and paved paths, then you wouldn’t need this feature most of the time.

The size and weight of the product are important, too. If you own a small dog you should aim for a trailer that is not too heavy nor too big in order to make it easier for you when you are peddling your bike. For big dogs, you want to make sure that it will support your companion’s weight, so keep in mind the materials of both the frame and the trailer.

Believe it or not, the color of the trailer is also important. You should pick one with a color that is easy to see because you’ll be using it on a road or a path. If you pick a bright color, it’ll be easy to notice by drivers or people, effectively avoiding accidents. Bright colors are absolutely recommended!

Look for a trailer with pockets, too! Every little dog has its own needs, so you should have some space for things like water, snacks, food, and anything else your pet may need during the ride. You may also want a trailer that is waterproof in case it rains!

There are some trailers that have a brake system, which is absolutely useful, and highly recommended. If you think about the many situations that require a brake system, you’ll absolutely want one with a brake system included.

With all of that said, and without further ado, let’s get into my personal recommendation!

Aosom Elite II Pet Dog Bike Bicycle Trailer Stroller Jogger w/ Suspension

This one is a great choice if you want a stroller, too, since it works as both. What is nice about this trailer/stroller is that is durable because the frame is made out of lightweight stainless steel! This trailer can hold up to 88 pounds without a problem, and thanks to its suspension system it is a safe option if you want to ride on rougher roads or paths.

It comes with a safety flag, too, which will enhance the trailer’s visibility for a safe ride.


There are other great choices, too, like the ones over here!

Remember, you should take your dog’s comfort into consideration when deciding which trailer to buy. You should also think about your needs, and which dog trailer will satisfy those needs the most. With that said, go get your trailer, and happy riding!

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