Turn Photos into Art: People holding pet portraits from Paint Your Life

Turn Photos into Art for the Dog Lover in Your Life

Give the dog lover in your life something special: turn photos into art

Do you have a brother, a sister, a mother, a friend, etc. who is obsessed with his or her dog? If so, then you might even think that this person loves his or her dog more than other humans, and you might be right to assume so! For people who really love dogs, the connection they have with their pets can be extremely strong.

For this reason, when they have a birthday, an anniversary, or some other special occasion, getting them a dog-themed gift can be a great idea! Here at Paint Your Life, we know exactly what you should get the dog lover in your life: a custom dog painting!

We have a team of artists who specialize in creating unique, custom paintings from photos. So, all you have to do to get your personalized dog portrait is to submit a photo of the dog in question to us. You can choose which artist you would like to have do your painting by browsing their portfolios on the Paint Your Life site. Then, you just send us the photo you want turned into the painting and we will have the artist of your choice create the art. It’s that simple!

Thadyne’s Paint Your Life Story

Thadyne has three animal lovers in his family: his son, his daughter, and his daughter-in-law. His son and his daughter-in-law have a dog, and his daughter has a cat. Thadyne wanted to buy all three of them special gifts that were animal-themed. After some consideration, he decided to get them all custom pet portraits from Paint Your Life. Here is what Thadnye had to say about his experience with Paint Your Life:

“My family is filled with animal lovers. For Christmas, I surprised my daughter with a painting of her cat and my son and daughter-in-law with a painting of their dog. They all loved their paintings. The artwork was amazing and so true to life of the animals. The artists really captured them more than we could have ever expected. They were the perfect gifts, and I could not have been more pleased.”

As you can tell by their smiles in the above picture, Thadyne’s family members absolutely loved their custom animal portraits from Paint Your life. There is just something so special about getting a custom animal portrait that makes people really happy.

A Gift to Last for Generations

A custom dog painting is a phenomenal gift to give to a dog owner because it can last for generations. This means that long after the dog dies, and even after the dog owner dies, the painting can still live on. This way, children and grandchildren will still be able to know exactly how cute the person’s dog was forever.

For many dog owners, it is very important for other people to understand how special and adorable their dog is or was. Having a custom pet portrait that puts the dog on display all the time is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

There are very few gifts that you could give to a dog lover that will be as meaningful or as special as a custom pet portrait. Oftentimes, when dog lovers see their custom dog painting for the first time, they have an extremely emotional reaction to it. They may burst out in happiness or cry tears of joy. It is a true honor and a blessing for people with beloved pets to see their photos of their pets turned into artistic masterpieces.

The First of Many

Once you see how much the person loves the custom dog portrait that you give to him or her, you may want to share this joy by giving even more people in your life custom portraits. Custom animal portraits are a wonderful gift for anyone who owns a pet.

It is also possible that after the person receives their gift, that they may want more pet portraits to line their home with. So, there could be a lot more special pet portraits in your future and in the futures of the people whom you love!

It is a wonderful thing to be able to give the gift of true joy and that is essentially what you are giving people when you give them a custom pet portrait. If you like to spread happiness to the people in your life, then Paint Your Life is the perfect company to help you do this.

You can see a custom dog painting come to life by playing the video below. It shows just how talented exactly that our artists really are.

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