What Important Jobs Can Dogs Perform?

One of the world’s favorite pets is the dog. While canines are certainly good companions, they also make for excellent workers. In particular, dogs with specific personalities and specialized training can fulfill tasks that directly assist with significant duties.

For example, service dogs perform tasks for those with disabilities and greatly improve their owners’ quality of life. Canines can also perform other jobs with similar impacts that make them a massive benefit to the humans they are assisting.

We also want to assist the service dogs that are assisting us. In order for our dogs to perform their services for us, they need to be healthy, and according to Pacificsandiego, many pet owners are turning to CBD to treat dogs as a supplement for long term health.

It may seem hard to understand how an animal that cannot effectively speak with us can be helpful, but they can communicate and understand us through body language, verbal cues, and displayed emotions.

This makes dogs great at taking commands and understanding what it is you need from them. This translates to a fantastic work ethic. In turn, they are great for several important jobs, which we’ll take a look at below.

Law Enforcement

One significant job that dogs perform include law enforcement duties, also known as K-9 dogs.

K-9 dogs are often German Shepherds, which gives them the iconic police dog look. They are incredibly helpful for law enforcement officers, assisting with several important tasks that mitigate risk to human officers.

A few tasks that K-9 dogs excel at include attacking runaway targets, tracking scents, searching for evidence at crime scenes, looking for bodies, and detecting explosives.

These can all be completed by human officers, but they will either take longer or encounter greater risk than a well-trained K-9 dog. Canines are simply faster because they have stronger noses and their risk is mitigated by the fact that few criminals are prepared to fight off a dog.

K-9 dogs serve as an extension of law enforcement, but they are also an essential component of the police force. Considering this, assisting police officers is just one great job that canines can perform.

Search and Rescue Efforts

Dogs are also crucial players during search and rescue efforts.

This is another product of the scent-tracking power that canines have in their noses. Dogs’ noses are upwards of 1,000 times more powerful than human noses, meaning they can detect scents we are oblivious to.

Furthermore, this means that canines can pick up on highly subtle scents. When someone is lost in nature, they often leave few scents to pick up on. There’s no way a human would be able to detect it, instead relying on visual cues like footprints and disturbed foliage.

Dogs can detect extremely subtle smells. Once they are provided with a target scent, they can search for it to find someone who is lost.

This happens in two ways.

First, they can detect lingering scents in the air. This might be where someone touched the ground, stopped to cough or sneeze, went to the bathroom, or otherwise left something behind.

Alternatively, scents can be carried on the wind and detected that way. This can alert a dog to a lost person’s exact location, even if they are several miles away.

People have a scent and this is something that canines can easily pick up on. As a result, they are excellent search and rescue helpers.

Substance Detection

Canines are also particularly effective at substance detection tasks.

We mentioned above that K-9 dogs can sniff out explosives, but they can also be used to detect illegal substances. K-9 dogs are the vast majority of substance detection dogs, but there are also non-police detection canines used in the military and for wildlife tracking.

In particular, substance detection dogs search for illegal drugs like marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. They can also track the scent of blood, money, explosives, or electronics, making them useful in a prison setting. Others track wildlife feces to provide research for biologists.

Once again, dogs are used for this job because of their powerful noses. While something like an explosive may not have a smell to you, it has a distinct scent that canines can detect.

Everything has a smell to a dog and this can be used to help them identify the scent in the future. As a result, substance detection is just another beneficial job that canines excel at!

Service Work

Service work in the form of emotional support or direct assistance is another duty that dogs perform masterfully.

The three jobs mentioned above are perfect for dogs because of their powerful noses. However, their noses aren’t the only skill that canines have.

Dogs are also some of the best animal companions you can have around. They are capable of connecting closely with humans and forming a bond that can be stronger than blood.

Because of this connection, a mutually beneficial relationship is possible. You can care for them and they can respond by providing you with comfort.

Some dogs receive additional training to make them even better companions. Rather than just helping by being there, they can actively assist in their owners’ lives.

Service dogs are meant to assist with those that suffer from some form of disability. These canines are trained to assist with specific disabilities, making them well-equipped to help someone suffering from the same condition.

While service dogs may not necessarily save you from imminent death, they can save your life. The joy and assistance they bring is unparalleled and can give you a new outlook on life.

With this in mind, dogs are amazing friends to have around you. Their service work is one of the most impactful jobs that canines have.

Closing Thoughts

Dogs are incredible creatures that many people love. They provide many therapeutic benefits just by being near you, but they can also be trained to help with more advanced tasks.

In particular, there are a few significant jobs that canines are perfect for. This includes assisting law enforcement, search and rescue efforts, substance detection, and service work.

If you currently suffer from a disability, consider the benefits of a working dog. Canines are exceptionally skilled and may surprise you in how impactful they can be!

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