What to Do If Your Dog or Cat Goes Missing and How to Avoid It

First of all, the most important thing is to not panic because there is always a way to get back your missing pet, whether it is a cat or a dog. It might feel like a nightmare for a while, but with the right procedures and precautions, you can resolve it and prevent it from happening again.

Today, we are going to share some mindful tips with you that will help you find your lost dog, or at least prevent you from losing him again. Though implementing all of these tips doesn’t necessarily confirm a positive outcome, at least you won’t regret that you didn’t do whatever it took to get your dog back.

Nobody intends to lose their best friend, but cometimes stuff happens, especially when we are not careful. But keep reading this post to discover how to find a lost pet and prevent your furry friend from getting lost again.

What to Do When Your Dog Goes Missing

We have heard about this a million times before: “I can’t find the dog anywhere. She is missing.” While this scenario is extremely common amongst pet owners, there are a few things we can do when situations like this arrise. Here, have a look at the most important things that you can try if this ever happens to you:

Get in Touch with the Local Animal Shelters and Animal Control Agencies

First of all, file a missing report for your pet with every shelter within 60 miles from your house where the dog lives. And visit the shelters every day if you can. Always make sure to keep a photograph of your pet so that when you file a missing report, you can show it to the authorities. If there is no pet shelter around you, then you can contact the police department and keep in touch until you find your dog again.

Search Outside Your Area

Searching for your lost pet in your locality only may not be an effective approach because if he was stolen, you have no idea where the thief came from. Walk through your neighborhood at least a few times every day and show them the photograph of your pet and ask them if they have seen him anywhere. You can also hand out a recent photo of your dog along with your contact number so that they can contact you if they see anything.

Advertise Your Missing Dog or Cat on Social Media and on Locality

Print out a missing poster for your cat or dog with his recent photo and don’t add any
unnecessary detail. Just write “Missing dog,” include the color, your phone number, and reward, if any (why would they be willing to help?). Running an online ad may expire after some days, so you might have to renew it again. You can also head over to the Craigslist.org website to run missing ads for your pet. You can also check the Lost and Found ads in daily newspapers to see if you can find anything.

How to Avoid Losing Your Dog

There above you have the things you should do to get your missing pet back. But what should you do to avoid this sad situation in the first place? Read this below section to learn more.

Train Your Dog Properly

Pets with the right type of obedience training are less likely to get lost. Training makes your pet more aware of various circumstances so that they can take care of themselves and not get lost in the first place. Moreover, if you make them smart enough, they will find their way back to you if they do get lost.

Get a Dog License

A license tag would hang from your dog’s collar to display identity, and if he ever gets lost, people can look at the tag and notify the police station or animal shelter to track down the owner. Rabies tags also have information that can be helpful in these times.

Secure Him Within Your Back Yard with a Fence

You can train him as well as you can, but he may still may still want to run after cats or his favorite car. To avoid that, fence your backyard and secure his pen so that he can’t run off.

We hope that you find your lost pet fast with these tips and suggestions. In case you need any help, feel free to comment below.

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