What You Need to Know When Adopting a Greyhound

The greyhound industry sees thousands of ex-racing dogs needing loving homes each year. Fortunately, many retired greyhounds do end up finding their forever families where they can live out their final years with loving owners.

Just as you would research any dog breed before adopting or buying a puppy, it’s essential to do the same for greyhounds. Whether you’re adopting a young dog or a retired racing dog, here are a few helpful facts to help with the decision-making process.

They Are a Flight Risk

We all know how fast greyhounds can be. So, it might not be long until you’re looking for greyhound collars in Australia or elsewhere in the world. The slim necks of greyhounds combined with their speed and high prey drive can sometimes mean they can slip their collars and be out of sight before you know it.

Fortunately, you can purchase collars specially made for the unique neck structure of greyhounds. As new greyhound pet parents, you can also invest in tall fencing and take them for walks on a leash.

They Are Gentle and Calm

There are plenty of dog breeds you definitely wouldn’t describe as gentle or calm, but the greyhound is one you would. This graceful breed is known for bonding with its family and happily adapting to your lifestyle. They take everything in their stride, making them an ideal family pet.

They Love to Sleep

Greyhounds can run at speeds of up to 45 miles an hour, but that doesn’t mean they’ll need you to take them for long runs every day. While you’ll need to exercise them like any other dog, greyhounds are perfectly happy cuddling up with you on the couch or sleeping away the day.

Some greyhounds can be so disinterested in doing anything other than relaxing that they won’t even get off the sofa to greet your guests at the door. If you live in an apartment, have a small yard, or lead a largely sedentary lifestyle, greyhounds might be a dog you’d consider welcoming into your family.

They Are Easy-Care

Many dog breeds require a great deal of maintenance. Besides feeding and exercising, they need regular grooming and washing. Some breeds also shed a great deal, requiring you to vacuum far more often than you’d like.

Greyhounds might surprise you by how easy-care they are. They rarely shed and have thin fur that doesn’t typically leave an odor. You might also find that your greyhound only requires one weekly brush and the occasional bath.

They Are Vulnerable to the Elements

Greyhounds are undoubtedly an easy-care breed, but their low body fat can mean they are particularly susceptible to the elements. If your greyhound loves spending time outside, ensure they’re adequately equipped. This can mean putting a coat on them when it’s cold and setting up a cool area with plenty of water and shade when it’s hot.

Greyhounds make excellent family pets, especially for their gentle nature and low maintenance requirements. However, research can be crucial before adopting one. The more you know about the breed, the more confident you will be in your decision to welcome one into your family.

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