Why Do Dogs Respond to Baby Talk?

Most of us can’t resist using baby talk with our dogs, no matter the breed. One minute we are having a normal conversation, then we start talking to our dogs, instantaneously our voice tone changes; we start talking higher-pitched. According to some psychologists, Baby talk has been proven to be a way of maintaining proximity and remaining “in-touch,” giving warnings, encouragement, affection, and reassurance even without direct physical contact.

Because touch and physical contact is a critical means of attachment, protection, and caregiving for mammals, it is advantageous to be able to approximate the effect of touch through the voice. There are patterns with the same impact on children in cultures worldwide, and you may recognize that it has the same effect on your cute Cocker Spaniel.

What Do Dogs Associate With Baby Talk?

— Good behavior
— A sign of love and affection
— Fun activity time such as going on a walk or playing a game

Because most of the times we use baby talk is to reward our dogs or when we are taking them on a walk, our dogs learn quickly to associate baby talk with good things, and anything else is uncomfortable or bad.

What To Do To Get Your Dog’s Attention

Dogs very much appreciate baby talk and a high-pitched voice. So now you don’t have to feel hurt whenever someone mocks you for how you talk to your furry family member.

In order for your high-pitched voice to make a difference to your dog, you will need to use dog-related content. You must ensure that what you are saying to your dog is relevant; if you do it right, you can instantly get your dog’s attention. If you start telling your dog about your favorite movie, you will put them to sleep right in their tracks before you can even finish.

This isn’t just for dogs; this goes for every animal. Animals don’t like to listen to you if you aren’t talking about something that relates to or benefits them individually. Each dog can be different, so take that into consideration before looking at Poodles or Cockapoo puppies for sale. The goal is to find a puppy that suites your lifestyle specifically.

Even talking to your dog in your normal voice, saying “let’s go on a walk,” will put your dog to sleep even though it is something dogs love to do; this is because the tone used will determine whether your dog is excited or not. If you talk to your dog by saying the same thing but in a high-pitched voice, it will add some excitement, and you better be ready to go on a walk.

Don’t Always Talk Like a Baby!

Most times, we know that using baby talk is a good thing because it makes your dog happy and bouncy, and that is the response you subconsciously expect, which is why you talk in that manner in the first place. But always speaking with a high-pitched voice can also cause a dog to feel pressurized if they are still trying to get used to the environment.

To reduce stress, you may need to talk in a quiet, soothing tone to help your dog feel more secure and comfortable.


The next time someone makes fun of you for talking baby talk, let them know that science is on your side. By using your voice, you can manage your dog’s behavior. Even science thinks that using baby talk appears to work. Your dog loves when you use baby talk because it’s a sign of excitement for both of you. If you are happy, your dog will be satisfied. Dogs are generally very happy animals, but if you are having a bad day, don’t let your dog have one too, get up and do something exciting with him or her.

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