7 Benefits of Dog Leash Training

Dogs can be quite obedient when you want them to be. But there are of course times when they can be quite stubborn when it comes to following commands. And so dog leashes are a very useful tool when it comes to teaching your dog certain basic instructions. Dog leash training allows you and your dog to better understand the reactions and responses that your dog demonstrates. It also makes sure that extensive training sessions are easier for your dog and you.

As wonderful as dog leashes may be, it can be quite a challenge lecturing them on leash etiquette because dogs are quicker than humans. What a leash simply does is help regulate the behavior and movement of the dog. The basic thing about leash training is to help your dog learn how to move without pulling. This training is one that requires lots of patience because dogs by default are naturally not used to being dragged back. Here are some unique and encouraging benefits of using a dog leash…

Helps you relax with your dog

One of the unique benefits of dog leashes is that they help you spend quality and pleasant time with your dog. The leash helps you combine training your dog with enjoying his company. When getting a leash, make sure that it is at least 6-foot long. It is advisable you do not use the retractable leash. Training your dog with a leash can be quite fun-filled, however, make sure you do so in clear, simple and direct terms.

Also, if you desire to spend time relaxing with your dog, make sure that there is adequate consistency in the method of training. Constantly changing signals and signs can be quite counterproductive because it will confuse your dog.

Help cut cost on medical expenses

When your dog is properly leashed, you reduce the inherent risks that exist when your dog is moving without restraint. Leashes help to prevent your dog from injuring itself or becoming sick, as one of the risks associated with a loose dog is that they tend to want to drink dirty water. Some of them are also exposed to the risk of thorns and poisonous plants. It mau also interest you to note that dogs that are not properly cleaned will expose both themselves and their owners to worm infestation, thus causing certain illnesses like river blindness.

Become a role model

Leashing is the ideal way to be an example to other dogs and their owners. It is also a perfect way to show that you are responsible for your dog’s actions. It shows that you are giving enough attention to his or her training and care. You should know, if you don’t already, that keeping and training a dog won’t always be fun and excitement. It comes with its demands. You need to dedicate enough energy and time to ensure that your dog does not become a nuisance to yourself or to others.

One way to ensure this is by observing the behavior of your dog and taking note of its erratic behavior while you take steps to ensure that the behavior does not repeat.

Helps you control your dog

Dogs sometimes have a mind of their own and this makes them sometimes do rather weird and annoying things, such as wandering off when you least expect or even dragging and pulling you when you take them out on walks. Giving your dog the right leash training puts them in the right mental condition to be better managed. Properly trained dogs are usually quite easier to control for several reasons. The biggest reason being that they are better conditioned to follow instructions.

Leashes can help with identification

This is one benefit that may not come to mind. Dog leashes come in a variety of colors and designs, and you can also have them customized according to your specifications. This in turn will make it easy to identify your dog even in a crowd. Also, in a situation where your dog goes astray, it is always easier to describe it using the features of the leash on its neck.

Variety of materials

As we hinted at above, one nice thing about dog leashes is that they come in a variety of shapes and materials. There are some made from metal while there are others made of leather. There is also the nylon webbing leash which measures between 4 to 6 feet long. There are also extended length webbing leashes that measure up to 30 feet.

There is the slip leash which has an adjustable loop that is placed on the neck of the dog. It is usually used for work and other tasks. There is also the retractable leash which is a thin rope that automatically retracts thus permitting the dog enough allowance to wander for 25 feet or more. All of this variety is designed with the type of dog and its temperament in mind.

Not expensive and readily available

There is no amount too much to invest in the wellbeing of your dog. However, it should be noted that dog leashes are not that expensive especially when you compare the cost with the inherent benefits. In addition to this is the fact that they are readily available in any pet store you walk into. However, make sure that the leash you are choosing reflects the character and size of your dog. Dog leash training at the end of the day helps you cut certain unnecessary costs.


Your dog certainly deserves a good life and this means that you should be willing to purchase whatever is needed to ensure this. Dog leashes are not a luxury but a necessity loaded with practical benefits. This is why great care must be taken to make sure that you get the right type of leash for your dog. We believe the benefits outlined in this article are enough to inspire you to go to the nearest pet shop. Do remember to give your dog the right dog leash training he or she requires!

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