Amazing Tips On Creating A Dog-Friendly Garden

Dogs love to spend their time in the natural environment. The garden area can be a perfect place for the dogs to sniff around and play with their master. You can plan a new garden in the right way in order to provide your dog with a safe environment. Or you can simply make some alterations to your existing garden to make it friendly for your furry friend. You can think about your pet’s requirements and turn it into a pet-friendly garden. It might turn out to be a dream space for your dog. In this article, we are going to discuss various steps that you as a dog owner can take to transform your garden in the pet-friendly garden.

Choose the Yard

You should choose a yard that is a safe environment for your little pet. Dogs are quite curious and they love roaming around outdoors in search of food. You can build a fence to keep your pet in the yard. The fence height should be determined with regard to your pet’s height. If your dog is short, then 1.2 m of fence should be enough, whereas if the dog is tall then a 1.5m fence should work. Be mindful of the gaps in the fencing because they can be dangerous for your dogs. The fence posts should be put deep in the ground to prevent your dog from getting caught underneath.

Create a Potty Area

Choose one spot in the garden where you are going to train your pet to do his business. Choose a spot that remains hidden behind shrubbery line and cover it using a material that is easy to clean afterwards. Keep consistency of training and make sure you have your pet go only at that spot. It is important to clean the area everyday, preferably with a hose.

Resting Zone

A shady and comfortable area can provide a place where he can create his own little sanctuary. Your dog should be able to take naps and rest on hot days, which will help keep them from creating havoc in the garden. They will be less into digging in the mud or nibble at your plants. You can consider making it an elevated area to allow your dog to look around his territory.

Play Area

Every dog loves to spend the time in a garden playing and running. You should create a playing zone where the dog can have playtime, a place where their attention remains away from your veggies. Create a separate zone and mark a boundary between your pet’s play area and the rest of the garden. Put ample pet toys in the playing zone with enough room so that your dog can run, jump and climb over them. And be sure to spend some time playing with your dog.

Water is a Must

Many dogs love to play in water, and so you can add a kiddie pool, a shallow pond, a hose or water sprinklers to let your dogs frolic madly in the water. You could also create a ground-level fountain. Especially during summer months, your furry pets are likely to get hot and thus water to play in is a blessing.

A Friendly Environment

Some plants are toxic to your furry friends, and so you should be careful of what kind of plants you have in your garden. Even with fencing, your dog is more than likely to eat the plants in your garden. Also, try not to allow any pools of water to collect in your garden area. The water must be running so that it does not turn stagnant. The water quality must be safe for swimming as well as drinking.

Last Few Words

We talked a lot about the ways we can create the best environment for our pets so that they can play as well as relax in their own space. But along with that, it is also important for your pet to stay energetic and healthy so that he can enjoy everything at his best. You can find the best cheap dog food which helps in keeping your canine strong and healthy. We tried to provide you with some of the major points that will help you to provide your dog with his dream garden.


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