Essential Tips to Get Rid of Raccoons

Are you annoyed with damaging and noisy raccoons? Regardless of their fuzzy and cute look, they can destroy your yard. In this situation, you could use Wildlife, Inc. to get rid of raccoons.

It is essential to keep them out of your basement or attic because they can create a mess in a few minutes. Raccoons are solitary animals, but they often defecate and urinate in a similar place to avoid any smell near their feeding areas. Fecal matter may contain roundworms eggs that can cause deadly eye, brain, liver, lung, and heart infections in the elderly and infants. The scat may carry Salmonella and E coli. Raccoons can spread tularemia and leptospirosis. To avoid these infections and diseases, you have to take special measures, such as using Raccoon Removal Houston to kick them off of your property.

Remove Raccoons from Your Property

For raccoon removal, you have to identify the actual location that gives them access to your property. This will help you to select the best method for removal. If raccoons are in your attic you have to think fast about a removal method. If you are noticing the sounds of jumping, chattering, and/or scratching, it may indicate an infestation of raccoons. They can damage your wiring, roofs, and walls to make their den. To avoid damages, diseases, and bad odor, you have to trap and relocate them.

Place traps near possible entry points. Use a radio or light near these points. You should not allow them to find dark places to hide in your attic. Put spotlights in your attic to spot them. After catching then, repair holes in eaves and weak areas to prevent their access into the attic. Seal current openings in attic spaces. Pay attention to the roof to decrease every possibility of entry.

Set Traps for the Raccoons

Place a trap in the favorite place where the raccoons like to hang out. Common locations include trash cans, gardens, attics, fence lines, patios with leftover pet food, and underneath structures. You have to lure raccoon into the trap with fatty meats and sweet foods. Some widely-used baits include fish, marshmallows, cat wet food, crisp bacon, sweet corn, and fatty meat (cooked). Sugary foods can help you to target annoying raccoons without seeking the attention of other unwanted animals.

Remove Trash and Food from Your Yard

Food can attract raccoons to your yard, so cover your garbage cans and don’t leave any of your pet’s food out on your lawn. Remember, they will not stay on your property without food. Kill off insects because raccoons like to eat them. Raccoons can smell populations of breeding insects in your yard, so getting rid of the insects may help prevent raccoon infestation. If a raccoon smells insects, he will dig up your garden or yard to overturn mulch. Again, to prevent their digging you have to remove their source of food. Moreover, you can apply bad tasting items that are commonly used for moles, gophers, and armadillos. If raccoons try to dig, they will get this bad taste in their mouth through handling food with paws and most likely go away.

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