How to Cut Matted Dog Hair: Important Details for You

How to Cut Matted Dog Hair: Important Details for You

If you are a keen dog owner, you must have noticed that mats tend to occur in areas which experience friction. This means that you are likely to find them in the armpits, under the collar, behind the ears, or on the side of the body depending which side the dog is dominant.

These mats and tangles often result in a lot of discomfort for the animal. Your dog will end up scratching and biting at the tangle just to get rid of the discomfort. However, this normally just worsens the already bad situation. The small tangles often become larger and harder to deal with.

Small Knots

This is where you will have to intervene. If the knots are still small, you can untie them on your own. However, if the knots are more severe, clipping them may be the best option to save the situation. To do this successfully and efficiently, you will have to use the best dog clippers for matted hair, click here to continue. (This article will guide you on how to clip matted dog hair, but first things first.)

How to Cut Matted Dog Hair: Important Details for You

Which Are Some Of The Best Dog Clippers For Matted Hair?

The Colpet Waterproof Dog Clippers

These clippers are cordless and this makes them suitable for those without experience in hair clipping. It is light and you will have an easy time holding it without getting hand cramps. They are waterproof and operate silently, hence will not easily upset a sensitive dog.

Andis UltrEdge Professional Clipper

If your dog is heavily matted, this type of clipper is just for you. This means that you would have to use for long durations in order to get the job completely done.

For this reason, it comes with a cord so that you can connect it to a source of power and use it the whole day without interruptions. It also ensures that the clipper does not easily get overheated.

This clipper has a shatterproof casing. So if your dog gets jittery and knocks it out of your hand, it would not break.

Cyrico Professional Heavy Duty Clippers

When you purchase this pack, you will get the clipper, a power cord, guide combs, stainless steel grooming scissors and cleaning equipment. Even though it comes with a power cord, you can also use it unplugged.

This clipper can retain power for up to five hours. Once it is drained, you would only need three hours to fully recharge it. Additionally, you can adjust the clipper speed depending on your experience. If you are an expert, high speed would suit you while the slow speed mode will suit the newcomer.

Finally, they tend to be quiet and so would not easily upset the dog as noisy clippers normally do. To know about all kinds of clippers, trimmers and gear visit Trimmer Adviser.

Shaving the dog


Let us now proceed to the agenda of the day, and that is clipping the matted hair off the dog. This procedure can be quite sensitive. You should display confidence of the highest order, for the sake of your dog and getting the job done.

We advise you to find an experienced shaver and observe him while he goes about his business. This will not only help you calm your nerves but you can always pick up a trick or two which might come in handy.

Ensure that the tools are close by before getting on the job for convenience purposes.

How to Cut Matted Dog Hair: Important Details for You

Starting the task

You can start by lifting and placing your dog on the table and gently holding it down by the collar. Alternatively, you can attach and use a leash to hold your dog still so that you can perform hands-free grooming.

Simply tie a leash to the back of a chair and then push the chair in. Then, attach your dog to the other end and this would effectively secure the dog from escaping during grooming.

If you know that your dog is extra-fidgety, you can always another person to help you secure it while you go about the business.

The shaving process

Place the blade on the clippers and start from the head. You should be extra careful around the eyes and ears. In fact, we strongly advise you to maintain a distance of at least an inch from the dog’s eyes with the clippers.

You should then proceed to the underarms and under-tail sections. To prevent injury, you should hold the clipper in such a way that the comb attachment is flat against the dog’s skin. You can then proceed to shave the back from the head to the tail.

After the back, shave the sides and the legs next. You may be lucky if the fur comes off in one piece like a sweater. Finally, you can finish off with the belly. That would be it!

In conclusion

As you can see, cutting off the matted hair is quite simple. However, always be sure that the shavers are not overheating and hurting the dog. Additionally, dogs tend to become itchy after shaving, so you should always give it a cool bath to calm the skin.

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