Looking for a Frenchie? Where to Find a Great French Bulldog for Sale

French Bulldogs are some of the best pets you can find. They are cute, small, fun, affectionate dogs, with a deep sense of alertness and an irresistible charm. French Bulldogs absolutely love their owners and are overall one of the best people-oriented dog breeds. This is one of the reasons why many people are choosing French Bulldogs over other breeds.

These dogs can be excellent additions to any family. They are usually up for fun activities, and even though they may seem to be high maintenance dogs, French bulldogs make excellent companion dogs due to their naturally pleasant and affectionate nature. French Bulldogs are also known for their sense of humor, as they love to play and clown around to keep you laughing. They are also great with children.

Due to their Bull and Terrier roots, some can be more aggressive than others. But French Bulldogs can be successfully trained into being very well-behaved dogs with calm but firm training and plenty of positive reinforcement.

Are you looking for a French Bulldog for sale?

If you are really interested in having a Frenchie, it is very important to know how and where to get one. Finding a reputable French Bulldog breeder who does not only sell healthy dogs but also has affordable prices is very difficult.

It’s important to note that you should always be careful, as some breeders are involved in backyard breeding. What we want to tell you is where to buy a French Bulldog for sale. Basically, with these tips you will know what to look for when buying from a breeder.

Important facts to know about French Bulldogs

When considering buying a Frenchie, you should keep a few facts in mind. The average French Bulldog lives between 10 and 12 years. While they can be high maintenance dogs in many regards, they don’t require much brushing. This breed has a medium-fine coat that sheds an average amount compared with other dog breeds.

French Bulldogs are very sensitive, and they don’t do well in any extreme temperatures. They love going in the water, so extra safety measures are required. If it is very hot you must be careful leaving them outside, as they can overheat and experience health complications. Frenchies also come in a wide variety of colors.

Where to find a French Bulldog for sale?

Purchasing a French Bulldog is a decision that requires some research. Make sure to check that the breeders you are looking into are registered in official clubs and organizations. If you find any discrepancy with a registry, be careful as they could be a scam or fake. If you find a scam you can report the person selling French Bulldogs.

Find your French Bulldog for sale from a reputable breeder in order to avoid complications and challenges. Purchasing from backyard breeders may lead to the exploitation of this breed. Bad breeders can also cost you a lot of money and trouble in the long run.

French Bulldogs for Sale: Reliable Breeders…

1. FrenchieforSale.com

At Frenchie for Sale you can find over 400 French Bulldogs for sale. This is a website where you can find reputable breeders. You only need to choose between the options of searching or selling, and then start checking all the latest posts. Frenchie for Sale allows you to browse the ads for Adult Frenchies or for Puppy Frenchies, and they have a huge variety.

2. Lancaster Puppies

When it comes to finding French Bulldogs for sale, Lancaster puppies is undeniably a great place. It helps interested buyers browse and buy French Bulldog puppies for sale. The sellers have thousands of classified ads on their respective websites to help breeders and private sellers meet potential customers.

3. World of Frenchies

World of Frenchies breeders are based in Florida, USA, and they specialize in breeding standards for exotic French Bulldogs. The breeders are not only responsible, but also offer high-quality set up for French Bulldog puppies. They aim to keep well-adjusted, healthy puppies, with great dispositions, “blocky” heads, and great ears.

At the World of Frenchies you are provided with microchip and health guarantee on all French Bulldogs for sale. This business has been up for five years and all the French Bulldog puppies are AKC (American Kennel Club) registered. They also provide track records when you buy from them.

4. Blue Mountain French Bulldogs

Blue Mountain French Bulldogs are an in-home hobby and show breeder of the French Bulldog, specializing in standard and exotic French Bulldogs, located in Southern California. All of their Frenchies come from the healthiest American and European Champion bloodlines.

All of their puppies are registered with the AKC. They hold standard lifelong care homes for French Bulldog puppies and they are known for maintaining accurate records of the dogs, with healthy French Bulldogs for sale. At Blue Mountain, the pups are regularly checked on by veterinarians.

5. Bulldogs North Carolina

Bulldogs North Carolina has a great range of Frenchies, registered with the AKC. Not only do these reliable breeders sell purebred French Bulldog puppies, but they also offer them at affordable prices. This organization also offers various easy payment options for buyers.

For example, if you are interested in a particular French Bulldog for sale, and cannot afford the full amount, you can make a reservation for puppy adoption by paying a $500 deposit. Once you make the deposit, the breeders will remove your chosen pup from their adoption list.

6. Blue Gem Frenchies

Blue Gem Frenchies is the perfect option for anyone looking for home-bred, healthy French Bulldogs for sale, especially puppies. The breeders are located around the Florida area and all puppies are raised in a natural, homely environment.

Every French Bulldog for sale is well socialized and receives early puppy training. The puppies are usually bred with family pets and are sold with a strict neuter agreement.

Why Should You Buy French Bulldog Puppies from a Reputed Seller?

Mostly for animal safety. French bulldogs come with a kind of social characteristic that does not happen in every breed of dog. They are sweet dogs, with an obedient behavior, once they get accustomed to their space and are properly trained.

Sometimes they can be aggressive and can demonstrate behavioral issues. If they are not dealt with properly during the initial stages, this negative behavior may remain a permanent part of their personality. For this reason, choosing a good breeder is absolutely mandatory for a great experience in general, for you, your family, and for the dog itself. If you do not select your breeder wisely, it may cause problems for both the dog and you, the owner.’

To identify problem, or unreliable breeders, pay attention to the following signs:

— They hesitate to provide the medical background of the puppy
— They sell puppies with no kennels
— No certification or reference with the AKC
— No health or vaccination guarantee
— Unable to answer basic questions about the French Bulldog breed
— Selling too many puppies at the same time
— Mostly selling puppies to stores
— Not interested in a more personal business
— Selling puppies with discipline issues
— Hesitant to show a puppy or allow contact before the sale

Finding the perfect breeder for your needs and for the best possible puppy is not impossible, as long as you can trust the breeder’s reputation and their history. Developing a great relationship with your breeder is beneficial for everyone involved, especially the dog.

Overall, finding a French Bulldog breeder is not difficult, but you have to be a smart buyer in order to get the right dog. Even if you get an opportunity to buy a puppy for sale, make sure to check the breeder’s reputation before purchasing. All of the above-mentioned breeders are responsible and registered sellers.

Are you looking for a French Bulldog for sale? Look no further and consider our suggestions! You can trust in the breeders promoted and endorsed in the websites linked above, ensuring you the best experience when looking for your Frenchie.

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