When I Needed a Hand, I Found Your Paw

When I Needed a Hand, I Found Your Paw

Many times in your lifetime you may hear this common question: Are you a cat person or a dog person? My answer, through all these years, has remained the same. Neither. Yes, yes, you can roll your eyes, but this has been the universal truth for me, at least till 2017.

I have always heard the countless number of good things about dogs. About how they are your best friend, how loyal they are. The unconditional love and affection they give to their human. Now don’t confuse me for a dog hater. I love many dog very much… but from a distance (I sometimes even watch YouTube compilation videos of dogs). I never touched them, pet them, and if I ever saw one I went the other way.

My fear of dogs started way back in my childhood when I was going to my friend’s house, when a whole dog family just suddenly came at me, actually running. I was screaming at the door trying to get it open, but my friend wouldn’t open the door. She knew I was afraid of dogs, but thought she would help me by seeing that the dogs would not hurt me. But it didn’t work and my fear just got worse.

From that time onwards, if whenever I came across an animal with sharp teeth that could run faster than the average human, I would stay at least 10 feet away from it.

Many years passed by, and my fear of dogs, and even cats, remained the same. I started getting used to animals when my roommate bought a rabbit, which helped me take a step closer to overcoming my irrational fear. But up until December 2017 my fear of dogs remained the same. About the only thing I could do was touch a puppy. What harm can a puppy do? But New Year’s Eve changed everything.

I was never one to make New Year’s resolutions, but when life throws you lemons you sometimes have no choice but to make lemonade. So on New Year’s day I went to the Atlanta Fish Market, craving some seafood. On my way to the market I spotted some brown fluffy thing outside on the side of the highway, close the traffic. I kept staring at a distance trying to make out what it was. A hat, gloves, or maybe some brown piece of cloth… till I got close enough and saw it move.

When I Needed a Hand, I Found Your Paw

That’s when I realized that it was a puppy, fragile and suffering from malnutrition. I quickly pulled over my car and went up to it to assess the situation, as no one else was paying attention to it. I may have had a fear of dogs, but it was impossible to fear this small fluffy, weak, abandoned puppy.

So I grabbed him, put him inside my car and quickly searched online for a nearby vet clinic. It was early in the morning 7:45 A.M. (the best time to get fresh seafood spaghetti), and there were only clinic close by, and it was opening up in just 15 minutes.

It was Pharr Road Animal Hospital Veterinarians. I believe this was an emergency, so I drove to the hospital without calling to schedule an appointment. This puppy was probably the first patient they would meet that day. But despite being unplanned, the staff was terrific and responded with the utmost urgency.

Pharr Road has the best, most dedicated and compassionate veterinarians. It is an AAHA accredited veterinary hospital delivering excellent care for all kinds of animals. You can find them online and reach them through fax, phone or email. The staff is very attentive and acts as if your pet is their only patient.

You can even try their Vetsource, where you can buy meds for your pet and have them delivered to your doorstep. Pharr is always up to date with the technology and has many services to offer, such as Veterinary Dentist, cold laser therapy, stem cell therapy, and acupuncture, just to mention a few.

When I Needed a Hand, I Found Your Paw

Back to the homeless dog: It turned out that Winston (his new name) was a Wheaten Terrier was suffering from an infection that made him have no appetite. They treated Winston immediately without any problems while I waited and paid the bill.

The infection made him very weak, but after about a week at the hospital Winston was in great shape. The only problem was his home. This soft, fluffy Wheaten Terrier had made an impression on me. So I decided to take him home, which turned out to be a significant, life-changing experience for me. All this time I was trying to cure my own fear, but I never knew that the best therapist had fur and four legs.

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