Zack the Yorkshire Terrier

Zack the Yorkshire Terrier and Friends

Some of our boys and girls here at the shelter are going out trick or treating tonight. Why? Because they love treats! Zack the Yorkshire Terrier, pictured above, wanted to go as a lobster. Zeb the Golden Retriever Mix is going as a football. Zeta the Border Collie Mix is dressing up as Dracula. Zara the Puggle (Pug and Beagle Mix) is going as a bumble bee, even though it looks like she is not too happy about it. Zeke the Yorkie is an ice cream sandwich. And the senior member of the group, Tess the Pointer and Beagle Mix, will be a scary dragon. Scroll down to see everyone in their costumes. Submitted by the Humane Society of Morgan County Georgia.

Zeb the football…

Zeb the Golden Retriever Mix

Zeta as an extremely frightening Dracula…

Zeta the Border Collie Mix

Zara the reluctant bumble bee…

Zara the Puggle

Zeke the ice cream sandwich…

Zeke the Yorkshire Terrier

Tess the fire-breathing dragon…

Tess the Beagle Mix

Zeta was not scary enough to frighten away her new family…

Zeta's new family

Congratulations to Zeke on finding you new family. Have a happy life.


Zara is happier now with her new family and no bumble bee costume…


Zeb has finally been adopted. Here he is with his new Dad…

Zeb adopted

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